Domite Dual Wear Blocks for Wear and Impact Protection

  • Domite Dual Wear Blocks for Wear and Impact Protection

Domite Dual Wear Blocks for Wear and Impact Protection, Wear Chocky Bars, professional white iron and mild steel vacuum brazed laminated chocky bar, white iron wear chocky bar ultra wear-resisting chocky bars

Domite Dual Wear Blocks Chocky Bars offer protection on contoured surfaces such as chute linings, bucket, loaders, excavators and dragline machines. They are a good alternative to expensive, labor intensive hard facing welding methods. They are available with or without notched backing plate and easy to cut-allowing you to customize the protection of different specifications.

Domite wear blocks & bars are the utility product people turn to when they need a product they can depend on
Blocks are suitable for both fixed & mobile applications
Any size can be modified to suit your application including profiles and peaks for added deflection benefits
Arc studs or bolt holes can be easily added to suit any attachment requirement. Just ask us


Dragline/Shovel Bucket Protection
Loader/Excavator Bucket Protection
Chute Liners/Rock Box Bars and Liners
Feeder Deck Plates
Quarry and Mining Grizzly Screen
Shredder/Grinder tips
Cane Knife edges
Adapters Wear Caps
Dredging industry

We continue to supply a large range of unique wear products to mine sites worldwide. We offer to all our clients the following range of services for long life, reliable wear solutions. Ultra Wear-Resisting Chocky Block

Fast Delivery and service
Standard and custom-made parts available
An extensive range of sizes existing
Large stock of piece ready for assembly
Emergency supply conditions possible, through negotiation

Patr No. Description A mm B  mm C  mm D mm Weight kgs
CB 25N Wear Chocky Bars 240 25 15 8 0.9
CB 40N Wear Chocky Bars 240 40 15 8 1.5
CB 50N Wear Chocky Bars 240 50 15 8 2.5
CB 65N Wear Chocky Bars 240 65 15 8 3.9
CB 100N Wear Chocky Bars 240 100 15 8 3.9
CB 130N Wear Chocky Bars 240 130 15 8 5.1
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  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Quality Guaranteed
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