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HCEPARTS offers a wide variety Daewoo Teeth & Adapters of tip shapes and sizes, ensuring we have what you need for your specific application. Finding the right balance of strength, penetration and wear life is vital to choosing the tip shape for your application.

Side Pin Security When Your Application Demands It
Great performance and proven reliability over time – that’s what you get with this classic horizontal retention system.
Boost your versatility – Industry-standard side-pinned design performs across a variety of applications.
Enhance your reliability- Weld-on adapters offer excellent retention.
Improve safety & maintenance time

The Daewoo Tooth System represents a new standard of performance for tip retention, easy change-outs and long-term sharpness. A twist-on design and vertical retainer ensure reliable retention and easy removal and installation. The Daewoo Bucket Teeth & Adapters also features a lower-profile shape that maintains better sharpness as it wears. This means better penetration, improved productivity and less strain on the machine.
Improve your productivity – Low-profile shape provides optimal sharpness, penetration and digging ability throughout the tip life.
Extend life – More wear material can effectively be used before the tips are changed, adding 10-15% more usable life.
Increase durability – The tip and adapter fit together precisely to reduce tip movement and adapter wear.
Stay safe & reduce maintenance costs – One-piece vertical retainer allows for hammerless installation and removal, with only standard, low-force tools needed. Excavator Bucket Teeth komatsu bucket teeth
Simplify installation – Rails on both sides of the adapter and twist-on design hold the tip in place allowing for quicker installation.

We manufacture Bucket tooth and Adapters suiting for all famous brands.
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Professional manufacture of high quality Bucket tooth and Adapters with low price.
Details of Bucket tooth and Adapters:
1. High quality Bucket tooth and Adapters with low price.
2. Plenty of Bucket tooth and Adapters models to choose.
3. Customized Bucket tooth and Adapters available.

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Product Range

Daewoo Tooth And Adapter
Part # Model U.W/KG Type
2713-9051 / S55/18S S55V 1.00 1
2713-9050/18SA S55V 1.50 2
2713-1221 DH130 3.50 3
2713-1222 DH130 6.00 4
2713-9041 DH170,220 6.00 6
2713-9042-40mm DH170,220 9.00
2713-1217 DH170,220 6.00 3
2713-1217RC DH170,220 5.50 7
2713-1218-35/40mm DH170,220 9/8.6 4
2713-1219 /713-00027 S280V 7.30 3


Daewoo Tooth And Adapter
Part # Model U.W/KG Type
2713-1219RC S280V 7.20 7
2713-1220-40/45mm S280V,S300V 11.5/10.9 4
713-00032 S330V,S370 9.60 3
713-00032RC S330V,S370 9.20 7
713-00032TL S330V,S370 9.00 5
713-00033-50mm S330V,S370 17.50 4
2713-1236/713-00029 S400,S450S470S500 17.20 3
2713-1236TL S400,S450S470S500 15.00 5
2713-1237 S400,S450,S470S500 25.70 4
Daewoo Side Cutting
Part # Style U.W/KG Application
2713-6052R 3 Bolt Hole 2.20 Hitachi40/50  Daewoo
2713-6053L  3 Bolt Hole 2.20 Hitachi40/50  Daewoo
2713-1059 6 Bolt Hole 16.50 DH130/DH220
2713-1060 6 Bolt Hole 16.50 DH130/DH220
2713-1047 5 Bolt Hole 18.00 DH280
2713-1048 5 Bolt Hole 18.00 DH280
2713-1240 6Bolt Hole 18.00 DH420
2713-1241 6Bolt Hole 18.00 DH420
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