Conical Carbide Teeth for Rock Augers

  • Conical Carbide Teeth for Rock Augers

Conical Carbide Teeth for Rock Augers C4hdf-30mm, Coal Teeth Conical Bits Underground Auger Miner Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tool Mining Rock Drill Taper Button Bit For Hex.22 Rod, 25mm C31 Rock Bullet Teeth 12mm Carbide Auger Parts Dirt

C4hdf-30mm, Conical carbide teeth for rock augers
Fitted To: Soil auger, Rock auger, Tapered auger, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Full Displacement Piles (FDP), Diaphragm wall cutter, Hydromill trench cutter, Slurry wall cutter, Cutter soil mixing (CSM)
Description: C4hdf-30mm, Round Shank Tooth, kennametal teeth,Round Shank Chisel,Bullet Bits, Conical Teeth, Rock Auger Teeth
Application: For most deep cutting applications and drilling in hard and extremely abrasive rock.

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Main Features
1) high durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel.
2) high grade tungsten carbide tip.
3) excellent rotation (and thus uniform wear) and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve.
4) high degree of solder quality.
5) extraction groove for easy tooth replacement.

Size 1000*600*300mm
Weight 0.2 T
Packaging Details
The normal package is standard export packing, plastic bucket or box, Plywood case or pack it according to customers special request. Adco Center Bucket Weld-on Nose 3010WNRC

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