China Replacement End Bits Blades 195-71-51630

  • China Replacement End Bits 195-71-51630

China Replacement End Bits 195-71-51630, Right or Left Hand Hot Cupped End Bit Cutting Edge, Komatsu Bulldozer End Edge, G.E.T Parts Sales, Replacement Bolt On Edge End Bits China Supplier

China Replacement End Bits 195-71-51630 Feature:
Komatsu Part No.: 195-71-51630
Type: Bulldozer END BIT
Size: 622mm  length * 330mm wide * 40 thick
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: Komatsu Bulldozer
Made in China

Komatsu style bolt on end bit for a Komatsu Bulldozer. This is a hot cupped left hand end bit that is 622mm  length * 330mm wide * 40 thick. It takes 7 of a 1″ plow bolt and 7 of a 1″ hex nut.
Weight: 60 kg

HCEPARTS genuine tough cutting edges are made ​​of high-carbon steel cutting edges that are 30mnb steel, rolled and subjected to heat treatment excellent. In addition, the combination of cutting edges and end bits Provides excellent cutting quality. The high wear resistance and impact resistance of Komatsu genuine cutting edges make them superb cutting edges which are Suitable for any kinds of operation. Moreover, the rear of the edge is chamfered to Prevent loosening, wear, or breakage of mounting.

Cutting edges on motor graders take the punishment of high-speed, high abrasion, and hard-packed surfaces. So, it’s critical to productivity and low maintenance costs to have GET that can withstand tough, challenging conditions. To tackle the challenge, HCEPARTS offers cutting edge systems with curved and flat cutting edges. Curved edges are optimizing penetration, while the flat edges are strong with the most wear material.
Moldboard End Bits protect the end of the moldboard from wear and damage, and are recommended for all applications. Overlay End Bits protect cutting edge ends from excess wear in applications that cause corners to wear first.
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