Center Flush Mount Adapter 1U1254 9J4254

  • Center Flush Mount Adapter 1U1254 9J4254

Center Flush Mount Adapter 1U1254 9J4254, FLUSH MOUNT ADAPTER CORNER, J250 Flush Mount Corner Side-pin Adapter, Caterpillar Direct Replaceable Adapters Covers | Replacement Bucket Adapter China Factory

Center Flush Mount Adapter 1U1254 9J4254 SPECIFICATIONS
PART NO. 1U1254 / 9J4254 / 1U-1254 / 9J-4254
Abrasion Resistant Material: Standard Option
Adapter Size: J250
Attachment: Weld-On
Machine: Loader
Position: Center
Weight 12.13 lb / 5.5 kg
Wheel-Type Loader
928G 926E 938K 936F 924H 936E 926 916 G936 924G 936 G926 920 924GZ 914G 928HZ 930H 938F 918F 924HZ 930 924K 938M 930M 938G 926M G916 930G 930K

211B 205B 206B 212B 206 205 212

Integrated Toolcarrier
IT28G IT18 IT28F IT14G IT12B IT12 IT28B IT24F IT14B IT18F IT14F IT28 IT18B

Track-Type Loader
953B 953 943 951B 951C 941B 941

Caterpillar style flush mount, weld-on loader adapter for a J250 series with a 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ lip thickness; Use Item # 1U1254
Recommended where a good penetration is required, easy to clean, flat bucket bottom leaves a smooth finish.

CATERPILLAR ADAPTERS For Loaders (normally)
Flushmount Adapter
Available for all Caterpillar Loaders, these adapters are welded to the top of the base edge. This leaves a flut bucket bottom to provide a smooth surface for easy clean-up or where material being worked seriously affects tire life.

Bottom Strap Adapter
These adapters, available for all Caterpillar-built Loaders, are welded to the base edge bottom. They offer the most aggressive angle of penetration of all Caterpillar adapters and are used for tough loading applications where a smooth working surface is not required. They provide the best base edge protection.

Double Strap Adapter (Bolt-on)
Available on backhoe Loaders and Cat 910 through 988 Loaders in a two-bolt design. These adapters provide good edge protection in general loading applications where a smooth working surface is not necessary.

Double Strap Adapter (Weld-on)
Available on larger Cat Loaders. Welded to the base edge on both sides for strenght and impact resistance.

Double Strap Shouldered Adapter ( Weld-on )
Available on larger Cat Loaders. For use when more wear material is desired.

Corner Adapters
For use with the Corner Guard System base edge on 910-988 size machines. The corner adapter fits over the corner and edge end bolts through a drilled hole in the bucket corner. It bears against a machined pad on the corner’s front surface to resist the high impact loads imposed on the corner.

General purpose penetration tooth with extra wear material and higher productivity. Optimization of wearing ELITE.  Heavy Duty Weld-On Adapter  Cat Bucket Adapter, CATERPILLAR ADAPTER For Loader
Better performance
High-quality alloys / Longer wear-life
Self-sharpening / Higher penetration

Part No. Family Position Model
J200 416, 426, 428, 910, 931, 935 Center 4T1204
J250 930, 936, 941, 943, 951, 953 Center 1U1254
J300 950, 955, 963, 966C Center 1U1304
J350 966D, 973, 977, 980 Center 1U1354
J400 980 Center 1073404
J460 983, 988 Center 8E0464
J460 983, 988 Right 8E0465
J460 983, 988 Left 8E0466

J200 Flush Mount Side-pin Adapter Center

Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat® J Series adapters protect the buckets of your machines from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

The larger adapter and optional cover offer greater durability and more wear protection than a traditional two-strap system.

Cast from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable adapters make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools. Caterpillar style Flush Mount Loader Adapter 4T1204

•J200 Flush Mount Center Adapter to fit a 25 mm edge with a 22.5 degree bevel angle

• Wheel Loader Buckets

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