CB40 White Iron Chocky Bar

  • CB40 White Iron Chocky Bar

CB40 White Iron Chocky Bar, 40mm Chocky Bars 700 HB / 63 HRC, Wear Protection Chromium Carbide Chocky Wear Bar, Small Chocky Bar Wear Buttons, CB40 Chocky Bar Wear Blocks‎, White Iron Chocky Bar China Supplier

CB40 White Iron Chocky Bar Feature:
40mm or 1 9/16″ wide by 240mm or 9 7/16″ long chocky bar, 700 brunell high chromium white iron with a mild steel weldable backing plate; This chocky bar is 1″ tall, .68″ thick of white iron and .32″ thick of the mild steel backing plate.
Weight: 3.1 lb / 1.41 kg

Chocky Bars are unique block products that can be formed and welded onto flat or curved surfaces. This allow chocky bars to be used on a range of fixed plant and mobile equipment such as buckets and chute liners.

Chocky Bars are available in a wide range of sizes to fit all of your unique applications and are an inexpensive, effective protection alternative to expensive, labour intensive, hard facing welding methods.
Easy to use, cut and shape over contoured surfaces. There is also no pre-heating or post heating required when welding HCEPARTS Chocky Bar into

HCEPARTS mainly manufacture and exportbi-metallic wear blocks/bars(15/3CrMo,700BHN-63HRC) overlay wearplates and precision casting parts for Mining, Quarrying, Cement,Concrete, Sugar, Re-cycling and other heavy industries for morethan 16 years.
Typical Products: Wear Protection Chocky Bar, Chocky wear bars and Wear buttons, Bucketteeth, Wear liners/plates, Standard wear bars, Shredder/Granderhammer tips, Overlay wear plates, Skid bars, Knife edges, Crusherparts, Precision castings and other wear parts etc.
Chocky bars/ Chocky blocks
Applications for Chocky Bars are wide and varied, ranging fromspecific wear protection on buckets for loaders, excavators anddraglines machines, or for weld-on hammer tips for the re-cyclingindustry, or chute linings and rock box edges.
They are easy to use and install. They can be bent, cut andformed to suit different surfaces.
The standard thickness of chocky bars is 23 mm, standard lengthis 240 mm, width could be from 25mm from 150mm. We can also produceaccording to your special requests.
Wear Buttons and Donuts CB25 Chocky Bar
Very easy to use, no pre or post heating when welding.Available in diameters from 60mm up to 150mm. Develop your ownlayout and pattern to suit your particular wear protectionsolution.
Dome&Flat Shaped Round: Perfect solution for groundengaging applications as on adaptor teech, shovels, buckets, heavyearth moving equipment etc. Can well use them in conjunction withChocky Bars, Wear Plates or individually to provide protection orsecurity under the toughest impact and wear abrasioncircumstances.
Dome Shaped Donuts: They are often effectively used on avariety of buckets, loaders, excavators, earth moving equipment,draglines and bolt protection etc. with any layout of patterndesigned to suit your particular wear area, providing maximumprotection and security while minimizing the effects of heavyimpact.

Chromium Chocky Bar White Iron Wear Blocks Chocky Bar and Wear Button for Bucket

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