Caterpillar Weld on Nose 1U1254WN 9J4254WN

  • Caterpillar Weld on Nose 1U1254WN 9J4254WN

Caterpillar Weld on Nose 1U1254WN 9J4254WN, ADAPTER NOSE, NOSE PIECE for J250 series bucket tooth, Caterpillar Style Bucket Weld-on Nose, Cat style GET PARTS, WELD ON BUCKET TEETH AND ADAPTER, Cat Nose Weld On Adapter Bucket Teeth For Excavator, Ground Engaging Tools

Caterpillar Weld on Nose 1U1254WN 9J4254WN Specifications:
1.Part NO.: 1U1254WN  / 9J4254WN
2.Net Weight: 5.07 lb / 2.3 kg
3.Color: yellow or as require
4.material: Alloy steel with Cr,Mn,Mo,Ni,…
5.Technique: Precision casting
6.Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001
7.Outer Packing: Iron or wooden cartons
Caterpillar style weld on nose for a J250 series bucket tooth, takes a 9J2258 pin and an 8E6259 sleeved retainer; Use Item # 9J4254WN

We focus on offering bucket teeth, adapters, blades,cutting edge,end bits,power bolt and etc which applied to Construction Machinery (Excavator, dozer, grader, loader…)

Our main market are focusing on fine quality products in the markets in North and South America, Europe, australia, as well as some africa and asia countries or regions.
Our products have a good reputation among this industry. Weld-on Excavator Adapter Fit Kubota, Right Hand Adco style Nose 3010RWN,
Once you have any requirement please feel free to contact us, we sure will be your reliable partner.
Over 200 skilled workers, about 250000 square meters non-dust workshop, 30 years experience, 7 years’ vendor of CatPillar, ISO certificated, one hour reach Ningbo Port. Adco style Weld-on Nose 3010LWN,  Adco Center Bucket Weld-on Nose 3010WNRC, Right Hand Weld-on Bucket NOSE PIECE for Excavator

Mechanical Property of Our Products







♦Teeth SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦Adapter SZ Series >=1400Mpa >=1200Mpa 9% HB 380–400 >=22J
♦Sider Cutter SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦Cutting Edge 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦Cutting Edge HN8 >=1130Mpa >=600Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >7J
♦End bit 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦End bit 16Mn >=670Mpa >=320Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >=21J
♦Power Bolt 40Cr HB 380–420
♦Power Nut 45# HB 380–420

1. Round shank teeth
eg. 3050 (B47K-19), 3055 (B47K-22), 3060 (B47K-24), etc.

Alloy steel body, made by material ASTM4142 or 42CrMo, heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness, has high toughness and wearable character. Tip with above 50 HRC hardness is made from Low press Sintered, and Suitable Grade Selected according to the Target Projects, which are to make sure the good performance during working. The products adapt to the machine with all the performance features such as a high feed rate, a long service life and short tool changing times. Together with the parts supply assurance, a high daily production volume,and above-average economy is guaranteed. The complete tools apply for foundation creation, solid wall, water well drilling, trenching, mining, tunnelling.

Steel body is made by:
-material 42CrMo;
-heat treatment with 40-44HRC hardness;
-high toughness and wearable character;

Tip is made by:
-material tungsten carbide;
-Suitable Grade Selected;
-tip via forging, welding, heat treatment;
* We can manufacture as per customers’ demand.

2. Flat teeth
eg. V19, V20, 25T, BFZ72, BFZ80, etc.

The bucket teeth are forged, not casting. Forging is kind of method which uses forging machine to press the metal blank to make it produce plastic deformationand obtain a certain mechanical property, shape and size. Forging can eliminate the defection of as-cast loose during metallurgy process and improve the microstructure. The mechanical property of forging bucket teeth is generally better than that of the same material of casting bucket teeth, because forging craftsmanship can keep the intact metal streamline.
* We can manufacture as per customers’ demand.

3. Roller bit

In roller tooth surface, according to the single cone bit cone on tooth movement cutting way different characteristics, different regions of permanent decorate cone ball tooth contact area, alternate contact region decorate a cog to improve the efficiency of the teeth and broken rock, the most serious permanent tooth wear on the roller contact region, diamond composite tooth arrangment strengthen tooth wear resistance. Cone roof with conservation of rock matrix in the plane of the tungsten carbide prevent rock basic wear and tear. Tooth claw part guage set active active guage cone ball or wedge tooth, cutting bit has a good conservation gauge function and redressing function. Using radial sliding bearing, the adaptation of the tooth claw journal welding with wear-resisting gold, inner hole welding special alloys, enhance bearing abrasion resistance. Using small Angle nozzle flow design, enhance the claw back thickness, can effextively prevent the flow channel erosion. Optimization design of hydraulic structure can enhance the cleaning ability of the hydraulic system. Improve the rate of penetration. Single roller bit is suitable for old and old-well window sidetrack drilling and deepen the well of slim hole drilling operations.
* We can manufacture as per customers’ demand. Adco style Left Hand Weld-on Nose for Excavator 4010WNL

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