Caterpillar Style Heel Plate 9W6749

  • Caterpillar Style Heel Plate 9W6749

Caterpillar Style Heel Plate 9W6749, Replaceable CAT BUCKET HEEL PLATES, Bolt-on Rear/Bottom Wear Plate, WEAR EDGE HEEL PLATE Wear-resisting Parts, CAT Loader Blades Bolt-on Heel Plates, WHEEL-TYPE LOADER and TRACK-TYPE LOADER Bolt-on Base Edge Wear Plate

Caterpillar Style Heel Plate 9W6749 SPECIFICATIONS
Weight 34.0 kg
Dimensions 600 × 345 × 30 cm
Bolt QTY 4
Hole 3/4
Height 35
Width 254
Length 565

140M 2 160M 2 14M


966E, 970F, 966D, 966F, 966F II

14M3, 120MAWD

Excalibur Wear Product Package including Heel Shroud, Heel Blocks, Wear Bar, is a unique range of high performance wear products suitable for protecting high wear areas of fixed plant and mobile equipment in use in highly abrasive.
The Excalibur process enables white iron to be embedded within a tough steel shell enabling the benefits of superior wear resistance without sacrificing toughness. The composite nature of these products improves wear life in areas previously unsuitable for conventional white iron components.
I. Outstanding of Excalibur Heel Shroud, Heel Blocks, Wear Bar:
1. Complexity of shapes
2. Very high bond integrity
3. No preheat required when welding
4. Lighter than normal wear material
5. Longer life span
6. Cost benefit
II. Predicted Impact resistance : Impact Test
High wear resistant, Heel Blocks for different kinds of buckets

Bolt-on Base Edge wear plates are replaceable wear plates that cover the bottom area of the bucket’s base edge not protected by segments. These genuine Cat® edge protectors provide extended wear life and deliver better fit-up with the bucket liner, enhancing overall wear protection and reducing overall operating costs.

• Replaceable wear plate
• Protects bottom of base edge
• Extends base edge life

• Buckets on some loaders
• High-abrasion, low-to-moderate impact applications
• Not compatible with all buckets

We can supply a variety of undercarriage parts, bulldozer parts and auto parts, including cutting edge, idler groups, rollers,bushings and pins, bolts and nuts,sprocket and segments,buckets and bucket teeth. CENTER CUTTING EDGE for CATERPILLAR, Caterpillar Reversible Center Cutting Edge, BUCKET HEEL PLATE VOLVO 11111811
Adaptable for most of scraper in market,also could be designed and produced by client’s drawing. Machanical proterties of products couldreach international standard after quenching and tempering heat treatment.
Thanks to our high quality raw material and professional heat treatment,our boron steel and manganese steel products’ wear life and performance of are 15%-20% higher than the most of other similar products in market.

Part# Bolt Bolt Qty Holes Thickness Width Length Nut Weight
9W6747 PB34312 4 3/4 25 254 525 PN34 21.0
9W6749 PB34312 4 3/4 35 254 565 PN34 34.0
9W6750 PB34312 4 3/4 35 254 597 PN34 38.0
6Y3609 PB1312 4 1 35 254 680 PN10 46.0
1099215 PB34312 4 3/4 35 254 627 PN34 38.0
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