Caterpillar Style Gallion Scarifier Shank 31280D

  • Caterpillar Style Gallion Scarifier Shank 31280D

Caterpillar Style Gallion Scarifier Shank 31280D, Gallion Style spare parts Shanks, Caterpillar Replacement Aftermarket Scarifier Shank Fits Gallion earthmoving motor grader equipment

Caterpillar Style Gallion Scarifier Shank 31280D Features:
Caterpillar style gallion scarifier shank for a motor grader, takes a 31281C scarifier tooth, this shank is 3″ wide and 18 1/4″ is length
Weight 13.51 lb / 6.13 kg

Caterpillar Style Gallion Scarifier Shank
Helps keep the system free of dirt, increasing the service life and lower operating costs.
NOTE: Caterpillar Style Aftermarket – Fits CAT equipment. This part may fit various machines.
Bucket Teeth leading advantage:
1. Aggressive leading edge design
2. Variety of approved tooth systems
3. More Side cutters / Wear shroud options
4. Reduced weight by the use of high abrasion resistant materials
5. More usable wear metal for longer point life
6. Slimmer profile for better penetration
7. Greater nose strength and fatigue life
8. Alloys provide longer wear life and greater impact resistance

Lost Wax Casting
Investment Casting
Soluble Glass Precision Casting
Tolerance: ISO/GB CT9
Capacity: Wall thickness≥ 8mm Length less than1000 mm weight: 05KG~100KG
Standard: ISO, DIN, GB, AAR, BS
Certificate: ISO9001: 2008. TS16949: 2009

More wear resistant, high production efficiency
Good heat treatment with unique materials, tooth tip can maximize innovation for wear, tooth tip shape to keep sharp teeth, thickened design helps to speed up the loading bucket speed, the side is more durable. CAT Motorgrader Scarifier Shank

Higher reliability
The tooth nose unique design has higher fatigue strength,the pin design is very scientific, can lock the tooth tip and the tooth seat firmly . 5V4311 Caterpillar Style Compactor Finger Shank

Reduces fuel consumption and maintenance requirements
Our company adopts advanced water glass lost wax casting, precision casting production of carbon steel, low alloy steel, is a domestic investment casting of a large-scale professional production base, mainly exported to Japan and many other countries.

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