Caterpillar Spare Parts J400 Pins and Retainers 7T3408 8E8409

  • Caterpillar Spare Parts J400 Pins and Retainers 7T3408 8E8409

Caterpillar Spare Parts J400 Pins and Retainers 7T3408 8E8409, CAT Standard 7T3408 Pin GET 8E8409 RETAINER, CAT Parts Retention J400 Retainer & Pin, Caterpillar style spare parts pins and retainers for excavator, dozer and loader, J Series pin retainer assembly

Caterpillar Spare Parts J400 Pins and Retainers 7T3408 8E8409 Parameters:

320 L 325-A LN 325 LN 320B LL 325 L 320N, 325-A 330-A L 322-A N 320-A L 322-A L 330 LN 322B, 245D, 231D, 330-A 325-A L 330B LN 330 L 320B L 330-A L 322B L 325B L 322-A LN 320-A N 320-A 322 L 320B N

Pin Attributes:
Pin is chamfered on both ends and is grooved.
Recommended Application:
Designed to fit J400 tips and adapters
For use with Retainer Assembly, p/n 8E8409

Height (in): 0.45
Height (mm): 11.43
Length (in): 1.65
Length (mm): 41.91
Width (mm): 41.91

330 L 325 L 325-A L 322 LN 320 L 231D, 245D, 320-A 325-A 325-A LN 330B LN 322B, 330B L 330-A L 330-A 320-A L 325 LN 322N, 320-A N 320B FM LL 320B, 330-A LN 325-A FM L 320B L 330-A L 322B L 320B N

J400 Retainer
This J Series retainer assembly is used with J400 bucket tips, ripper tips and protectors. You can count on genuine Cat® parts to deliver reliable performance time and time again.

Pin & Retainer

J200 8E6208 0.05 8E6209 0.01
J220 8E3228 0.08 8E6259 0.03
J250 8E6258 0.1 8E6259 0.03
J300 9J2308 0.12 8E6259 0.03
J350 8E6358 0.24 8E6359 0.05
J400 7T3408 0.36 7T3409 0.06
J450/460 8E0468 0.47 8E6469 0.06
J550 6Y8558 0.64 8E5559 0.09
J600 6I6608 1.1 6I6609 0.1
J700 8E4708 1.23 8E4709 0.15
J800 134-1808 1.8 143-1809 0.22


PC60 20X-70-00150 0.16
PC100 203-70-74281 0.36
PC200 9244-02496 0.34
PC300 9244-02516 0.43
PC400 9244-03036 0.84
PC650 209-70-54240

Stainless Steel brake pad Retaining threaded Pin
Specialty Hardware Processing Manufactory! J200 Pin & Retainer CAT Parts 9J2308 8E6259
Surface: as your requirement
Material: steel / aluminum / brass / iron / zinc / alloy
Any other material and dimension depends on customers’ demand.
Usage: machinery / furniture / toy / woodboard / wall
Manufacturing process: casting parts
Euipment: casting machine
Testing equipment: projector
We are willing to provide with sample for quality and function testing.
We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified firm.


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