Caterpillar Scraper Router 2209150

  • Caterpillar Scraper Router 2209150

Caterpillar Scraper Router 2209150, CATERPILLAR Wheel Tractor SCRAPER ROUTERS 220-9150 5 BOLT ROUTER BIT, Cat Scraper Router Bits, Caterpillar style  Standard Heavy-duty  Level Cut scraper blade bits router China supplier

Caterpillar Scraper Router 2209150 Parameter:
Caterpillar style 5 bolt router bit for a scraper; it takes 5 – 100×300 plow bolts and 5 – 100 hex nuts Manufacturer: Cat
Machine Type: Scraper
Blade Position: RH/LH Router Bits
Quantity Required: 2
Weight 115.74 lb / 52.5 kg
Compatible Models
wheel tractor-scraper 621G, 627G, 623G, 627K, 627F, 623K LRC 623H, 623K, 621K, 627H

Caterpillar Scraper Router 2209150 5 Bolt Router Bit Qty: 4 in one Lot This site and all advertising information may be updated without notice whenever new information is obtained and may contain mistakes and inaccuracies. Information is provided to the best of our knowledge and that of the owners of the vehicles and equipment, and we make no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy, truth, or reliability of such information. Caterpillar Router Bit 4J8665

Standard router bits are recommended for most applications.

Heavy-duty router bits are similar to standard router bits but offer more wear material.

Level cut router bits are extended below the bolt holes and are used for clean-up work, reducing windrows by keeping more of the material in front of the cutting edges.

It is very common for CARM to be applied to all wear areas on a router bit. Weld-friendly versions are available to reduce cracking when carbide overlay is being installed by dealers or end users. Simply add a W to the end of the standard part numbers to receive your router bits unpainted and manufactured from this alternate chemistry.

We offer replacement blade and router bit supports for all makes and models of scrapers. Router bit supports are available in several options: full size, lower half, and bolt-hole replacements.

heat-treated (thru-hardened) scraper blades and drop center sections are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all OEM equipment.
heat-treated (thru-hardened) router bits and router bit supports are available to suit all OEM equipment.
Custom size configurations available on request.

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Product Range

6Y2805B13 11.96
6Y2805C13 12.56
6Y3840B25 51.85
6Y4410C32 28.20
6Y4411C32 28.20
6Y5540B28 55.37
6Y5540B30 55.37
6Y5840C16 5.97
7D1158B16 48.92
7D1158C16 31.23
7D1576B19 49.89
7D1576C19 49.89
7D1577B19 58.22
7D1577C19 58.22
7D1577C19S 47.90
7D1949B19 66.59
7D1949C19 66.59
7D2052B13 6.52
7D2052B16 8.10
7D4508B16 24.67
7D4508C16 24.67
7D4509C16 34.80
7D9999B13 12.64
7D9999B16 13.75
7J0225B35 93.13
7J2959B40 86.09
7J2978B40 105.38
7T1632C16 39.90
7T1633C16 29.91
7T1640C16 24.90
7T4090B65 72.60
7T5702B35 148.67
7T6678B25 45.50
7T6936B25 45.25
7T9125B35 65.35
7T9126B35 114.10
7T9978B25 24.65
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