Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Cutting Edge 4T6381

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Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Cutting Edge 4T6381, Wheel Loader Cutting Edge 4T-6381, Caterpillar TRACK TYPE TRACTORS Bucket Centre Cutting Edge, bolt on reversible bucket cutting edge, Heat Treated Level Cut and Hot Cupped End Bits

Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Cutting Edge 4T6381 Feature:
CAT Part No.: 4T6381
Type: Centre Edge
Size: 1.125” thick * 13” wide * 53.25” length
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models:
Made in China

Caterpillar style bolt on center cutting edge for a D8 Caterpillar Bulldozer. This is a double beveled reversible bucket cutting edge that is 1.125” thick, 13” wide and 53.25” in length. It takes 9 of a 1” X 3 1/4” (100X325) plow bolt and 9 of a 1” (100 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 6” from center to center of the bolt holes, and 2.63” when measured from the edge of the bucket cutting edge to the center of the first hole.
Weight: 215.17 lb / 97.6 kg

Excavator Cutting Edges
Standard or custom design
Weld-on base edges
Standard or serrated bolt-on cutting edges for excavators
Fabricated side cutters
Weld-on corners

Dozer Cutting Edges
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Rolled Steel Blades and End Bits
CAT dozer products are available in the following alloys:
•ForgeTemp Steel Plate – High carbon roll-forged steel, designed for highly abrasive,moderate impact conditions.
•MaxTemp Steel Plate Heat treated through-hardened steel gives maximum protection
•against impact breakage in the toughest digging conditions without sacrificing wear life.
•Carbide Embedded Products – Significantly extends wear life over conventional edges in
•impact conditions. This product is produced by embedding carbide particles into a heat-treated base metal, bonding the metals together forming a unified steel with greatly enhanced wear properties. All CAT carbide embedded products are fully warranted to provide cost-effective service in factory recommended applications.
•Hot cupped, drop-corner end bits are thicker throughout and self-sharpening for maximum penetration.
•Straight type end bits are superior for level cuts.

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