Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Corner Edge Left 9J1474, 9J-1474

  • Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Corner Edge Left 9J1474, 9J-1474

Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Corner Edge Left 9J1474, 9J-1474, DOZER RIGHT CORNER (HC) 40MM. D7 D8, Caterpillar D8 leave cut / hot cup corner end edges, CAT Bolt On Bucket Wear End Cutting Edge, Left Right Hand Dozer End Bits, G.E.T Spare Parts, Replacement Caterpillar Bolt-On Bucket Blade End Bits China Supplier

Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer Corner Edge Left 9J1474, 9J-1474 Feature:
Part No.:    3G8288, 3G-8288, 9J1474, 9J-1474
Manufacturer: Caterpillar, CAT
Machine Type: Bulldozer, Dozer
Made in China


A 480mm Material HB500
B 300mm Diameter 1″
C 40mm Tooth
D Holes 7
E Class
Weight 41,1Kg

Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat Level Cut end bits protect the blade of your machines from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

Cat Level Cut end bits are designed to be on plane and are angled on the ends for close curb work, minimizing windrows and reducing time in finish dozing applications. Reversible and extended reversible styles are also available for double the wear life where curbing is not required. Loader End Bit

6900002948 Main control valve repair kit
6900019021 valve seat
F8PK925 backing plate  3G8285, 3G-8285 CAT D8 D7 Hot Cupped End Bit RH
29010031041 Adjusting shim
6212001671 Connector GE12L3/4UNFOMDA3C
29120033471 Garbage bag () GB825-M12EpZn-20
29240010001 Hose
6410007714 listed
29010034412 Front windshield assembly
4041000011 block JB982-10
FZ0000575 Deactivation – connecting rod GB276-6312
29250010351 steel plate t8*1940
E500FV3484S09A1 LED screen 0.46m*12M
4110016196015 Sealing sponge
6264000212 Regulator
6392202620 First gear oil cylinder WZ25.6.4.1
26100004201 Hose F462CACF151508-340-PG340
4110000988143 Multi-way valve DFSY-32Ⅲ-18.5
11220801 Differential driven wheel 130030003 11705227
17009049 Refueling filter element with lock
4110015708415 PLATE_REINF
29260006971 Track 400×40  3G8286, 3G-8286 CAT D8 D7 Hot Cupped End Edge LH
26290024221 board
29020016721 50 gearbox housing-F
29360015371 Hose LGB125-003049
6410006197 Power switch to battery negative wire
6900018302 Gasket
29291014612 Out of service-main bearing upper pad D02A-110-01A+A 2270-1025
11217910 Limit open magnetic
4110002520106 Bending plate
29010064351 Set of 45-55-40   7J3457, 7J-3457 D8 D7 Dozer Hot Cup End Bit Edge RH
29161002991 Hexagon socket head screw M12*30
4043003691 Fuel return hose
4041001793 Bracket
1690600018 Bucket 9451-02235
17429183 Hose 20411-22-08TZ/20441-22-08TZXFC687-08X6 13032347
11214995 Steel plate t1.5×165×165
17201798 Brake shaft gear 9411-90430
6430000754 Left front outrigger
26141009821 1? “Copper ball valve
29440000932 Steering cylinder assembly
R622H00002-W34211 Bucket BG220
58917055 Rectangular tube LGB318-40*20*2*230
29240021681 Headphones Philips shm2100u-97 zd2530-952a
29010069251 Cab assembly BY-C1-3
4110003268027 Small pin 100970
F614040021 Hose H20412Y-22-10WZ/H20412Y-26-10TZXXCP5S- ZL50.5.1-18A
F13023422 Spring pad GB/T7244-87-8 D11-105-30A+A
FKC27150103671 Rectangular plate LGB-85*32*2-4R1.5-Q235B
11222626 Service brake assembly
4011001685 Water pipe 13933905
4043000556 LG6150 Parts Atlas
FSK230-DC working pump suction pipe assembly 7273-10730
4110004340015 Rock Bucket BG300
28120004851 Roller shutter guard
29260101841 Hook
4120000529 PLATE
26360102033 Oil dipstick 1009180-D767/A
29380018691 Hexagon socket head cap screw DZ9112346116
11214810 Speed ​​sensor
4041002902 Wired Doorbell  3G8287, 3G-8287 D7 Bulldozer Corner Edge RH
14405969 Air filter J8M000-1109100 WZ25.6.1.38
29170043801 Sound-absorbing foam 3214880322
4110000970207 PLATE
29210009241 Strong forceps 71107 4474.305.190
4110000331042 Flange screw
6216000117 Indian Light Stand Replacement Module
14402210 P-O ring GB3452.1-33.5*1.80G
29380021641 Ignition harness 13052094 14517747
26010008971 pin
6253000207 Relief valve 723918FA 1636309
14638565 SDLG E6210F GPE Crawler Excavator
6900019475 Breaker switch CVV-00007356
6233000547 LG956L Wheel Loader GB309-4*38-GCr15
29050013601 Signs and logos
29130015291 Variable speed pump to filter oil pipe
11221660 Decommissioned – Antifreeze Logo – 35
8294304 Intake pipe D32-18
LG7300000628B Tubing 1G924-3324-0 B00002147
4110001121036 Main harness 995658
4110000054317 Air filter bracket 13023176
ZJ4110001117169 Nut 8175-MG-00063
29030016861 ANGLE_UPR
11218478 Board
LG6303902558 L933 mechanical two-way valve to three-way valve to replace the electrical module
26180001071 Pipe connection type one-way throttle valve ASL10-02
29360016621 Bucket cylinder HSGF-190*100*545-1085
4041000539 rear frame
ZJ27040101651 75 through long screw
4110000218029 Hexagon bolt (main body side cover) FC15(D)—00028
29420001241 HEXAGON SCREW, M20x220
4043000905 O-ring 75*3.1
4110002510067 Piston pin 1A021-2131-0
6430001078 Left box skeleton
7200001366 Sleeve 930.8.1.2

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