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HCEPARTS offers a wide variety of Caterpillar Bucket Adapters  shapes and sizes, ensuring we have what you need for your specific application. Finding the right balance of strength, penetration and wear life is vital to choosing the adapter shape for your application.

To match varying work conditions, Cat® Adapters support numerous degrees of tip penetration custom-made for your loaders, excavators and scrapers.

J Series Side Pin
Cat J Series adapters provide excellent performance and proven reliability over time – that’s what you get with this classic horizontal retention system. Industry-standard side-pinned design performs across a variety of applications.

K Series Vertical Pin
Cat K Series adapters provide unsurpassed vertical retention with a drive through or hammerless retention option. With K Series adapters you get reliable retention with easy installation and removal.

K80-K100 Size = Drive Through Retainer
K110-K170 Size = Hammerless Retainer

Caterpillar customers rely on Cat adapters for the most demanding mining, forestry, construction and other ground breaking applications on earth. Contact your nearby Cat dealer for the ground engaging tool adapter specifically made for your Cat loader, excavator, or scraper.

HCEPARTS is a professional bucket teeth and adapter manufacturer, dedicated of producing bucket teeth & adapter using investment casting technique, we could provide full range of Cat and komatsu bucket teeth in order to satisfy the markets need. Cat & Komatsu bucket teeth are originally designed for various models of Cat & Komatsu excavators. Cat & Komatsu bucket teeth offers superior wearing resistance and can effectively protect the excavator bucket from abrasion and damage while working in quarry, mining, construction, rock excavation and more industries. Caterpillar Bucket Teeth

Our main market are focusing on fine quality products in the markets in North and South America, Europe, Australia, as well as some Africa and Asia countries or regions. Our products have a good reputation among this industry. Once you have any requirement please feel free to contact us, we sure will be your reliable partner.

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Product Range

CAT Side Weld On Double Strapped Adapter
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Model Type
6Y3224 J225 29 3.00 E70B, 307, 446 9
6Y3254 J250 31 3.95  E200B, 205-213, 311, 3 3
3G6304 J300 35 7.80 3
8E6464 J460 50 17.50 3
CAT Style Weld On Center Double Strapped Adapters
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Model Type
3G8354 J350 40 9.50 J350 10
6I6354 J350 40 9.00 J350 9
6I6404 J400 50 13.50 J460 9
6I6464 / 159-0464 J460 55 20.50 J460 9
6I6554 J550 60 35.00 J550 9
6I6604 J600 70-75 58.00 J600 9


CAT Style Bolt On Cente
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Bolt Nut Type
9J4207 J200 19 3.20 2J4771 2J3506 7
1U0257 J250 25 7.80 5P8136 8J2933 7
1U0307 J300 25 11.00 5P8136 8J2933 7
4T4307 J300 32 12.80 5P8136 8J2933 7
3G3357 J350 38 18.00 5P8361 5P8362 7
CAT Style Weld On Bott
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Bolt Nut Type
8J7525 J200 13-25 1.50 4
3G0169 J250 19-32 5.60 4
9J8929 J300 25-38 8.00 4
1U1350 J350 32-45 10.00 4


CAT Style Bolt On Cente
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Bolt Nut Type
3G4258 J250 25 10.00 4J9058 8J2933 8
3G4259 J250 25 10.00 4J9058 8J2933 8
3G4308 J300 25-32 15.60 5P8823 5P8362 8
3G4309 J300 25-32 15.60 5P8823 5P8362 8
3G5358 J350 32-38 24.50 5P8823 5P8362 8
3G5359 J350 32-38 24.50 5P8823 5P8362 8


CAT Style Flush Mounte
Part # Family Edge Thickness U.W/KG Type
4T1204 J200 13-25 2.10 1
1U1254 J250 19-32 5.30 1
1U1304 J300 25-38 7.70 1
1U1354 J350 32-45 15.00 1
8E0464 / 9J9584 J460 45-51 24.00 1
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