CAT style Pin for J250 9J2258

  • CAT style Pin for J250 9J2258

9J2258 CAT style Pin for J250, 9J-2258 Side Pin for Caterpillar J250 Excavator Bucket Teeth, CAT Tooth Pin, Cat Style Backhoe Bucket Tooth Pin and Retainer, Caterpillar style pins

CAT style Pin for J250 9J2258 – Caterpillar style pin for a J250 series bucket tooth, takes an 8E6259 retainer
Pin is chamfered on both ends and can be installed from either side of the tip.
The pin is grooved.
Weight 0.2 lb / 0.09 kg
Compatible Models
wheel tractor-scraper
613B, 613

integrated toolcarrier
IT28B, IT18B

wheel-type loader
926E, 930, 926, 936E, 920, 936, 916, G936

track-type loader
941, 951C, 943, 953, 951B, 941B, 955L

325-A 325 LN 320 L 225, 206, E110B, 325-A LN E200B, 325-A L E120B, 325 L 205 212, EL200B 211B

earthmoving compactor
815B, 825C, 825

9J2258 Pro-Tuff CAT Style Pin
This part goes by alternate part numbers depending on machine set up.
Alternate Part Numbers are: 9J2258, 8E6258, 132-4763

Part name Pin and retainer
Hardness 51-54
Tensile Strength >=1500
Impact Toughness >=20
Process Wax-lost & Sand-coated
Color Customer Required
Application All brand excavator bucket teeth
Material Casting alloy steel
Standard ISO
Package MDF wooden box 110x74x71cm
Delivery Time In stock or 20 days
Business Scope GET parts,Pin&Retainer, Bolt&Nuts,Cutting Edges etc。
Caterpillar bucket teeth pin from J200- J800 family are used to connect caterpillar bucket teeth and adapter
the advantages: corrosion resistance, strong abrasion resistance and long service life.  Pin for Caterpillar J300 Excavator Bucket Teeth

Caterpillar bucket teeth locks and pins for Exporting, Replacement CAT Teeth Assembiles, J800 Bucket Tooth PIN
Caterpillar from CAT J200 to J800
Komatsu From PC60 to PC2000, other K series , Hensley series pins also available . CAT Tooth Pin
1) Item: High strength tooth pin lock for excavator
2) Material: 40 Cr
3) Hardness: HRC38°-42°
4) Intensity: 10.9 scales
5) Surface: As per customer’s request
6) Production drawings welcomed.
7) Quality products with competitive prices provided
8) Usage: earthmover, construction, mining & bulldozer

We are specialized in the wholesale and retainer of Komatsu, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Hitachi, Hyundai, Volvo excavator parts, size ready, stainless steel, copper iron the material such as insulation slices. bucket pin, bucket teeth, bucket pin and divided into horizontal pin and vertical pins. 9J2308 Pin for Caterpillar J300 Excavator Bucket Teeth

caterpillar bucket teeth pins

Bucket teeth Pin & retainer Machine
1U-3202 8E-6208/8E-6209 CAT®307
1U-3252 8E-6358/8E-6259 CAT®311 312 315
1U-3302 107-3308/8E-6259 CAT® E200B
1U-3352 8E-6358/8E-6359 CAT® 320 322
7T-3402 7T-3408/8E-8409 CAT® 325
9W-8452 9W-8296/8E-6359 CAT® 330
9W-8552 6Y-8558/8E-8559 CAT® 345 350
6I-6602 6I-6608/6I-6609 CAT® 365
1U-3252RC 8E-6358/8E-6259 CAT®311 312 315
1U-3202RC 107-3308/8E-6259 CAT® E200B
1U-3352RC 8E-6358/8E-6359 CAT® 320 322
9W-8452RC 9W-8296/8E-6359 CAT® 330
9W-8552RC 6Y-8558/8E-8559 CAT® 345 350
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