Cat Scraper Router Bits 1C6081 2J9192

  • Cat Scraper Router Bits 1C6081 2J9192

Cat Scraper Router Bits 1C6081 2J9192, excavator bucket side cutter, Router Bit 4J8665, Caterpillar style Scraper 5 bolt router bit, wheel tractor-scraper bits router China supplier

Cat Scraper Router Bits 1C6081 2J9192 Parameter:
Caterpillar style 5 bolt router bit for a scraper; Use Item # 4J8665
Manufacturer: Cat
Machine Type: Scraper
Blade Position: RH/LH Router Bits
Quantity Required: 2
Type: BO
Dimensions: 1 x 8-3/4 x 21-1/8 inch
Holes / Bolts: 5 / 5 inch
Bolt Size: 1 x 3 inch
Hole Spacing:
Weight 53.22 lb / 24.14 kg

Compatible Models
wheel tractor-scraper
631G, 615, 637E, 641B, 637B 637G, 637D, 631D, 623H, 621G, TS225, 651, 627E, TS185, 627G, 657B, 637, 621S, 627F, 627, 621E, 615C, 631K, 657E, 631E, 623B, 623E, 627B, 621F, 641, TS220, 621H, 621B, 631C, 611, 633, 623G, 623F, 666, 633D, 623K, 621K, 627H, 633E, 637K, 657, 621, 633B 623K LRC 630B, 627K, 631B, TS180, 666B, 639D

Scraper Routers
Material Carbon steel or Boron steel
Colors Black or yellow
Technique casting
Surface Hardness Carbon HRC280-320HB Boron HRC440-520HB
Yielding Point Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 Boron 1440N/mm2
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB USD 40-45/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established

We offer a wide selection of blades manufactured from several grades of high carbon and boron steel. Many of these products are made from both high carbon and boron steel that are heat-treated and hardened to improve the lifespan while meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving and mining applications. 8J3215 Dozer CAT Ripper Shank

Our production range can cover any products with maximum width of 410mm, maximum length of 6m and maximum thickness of 110mm.

Material Quality







♦  Teeth SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦  Adapter SZ Series >=1400Mpa >=1200Mpa 9% HB 380–400 >=22J
♦ Sider Cutter SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦ Cutting Edge 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦ Cutting Edge HN8 >=1130Mpa >=600Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >7J
♦ End bit 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦ End bit 16Mn >=670Mpa >=320Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >=21J
♦ Plow Bolt 40Cr HB 380–420
♦ Plow Nut 45# HB 380–420
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Product Range

Part# Bolt Bolt Qty Thickness Width Length Weight
4J8665 1 5 25 222 537 25.0
7J3023 1 5 35 254 578 35.0
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