Casting Volvo Adapter EC210 1171-01620

  • Casting Volvo Adapter EC210 1171-01620

Casting Volvo Adapter EC210 1171-01620, Alloy Steel Volvo Stanard Excavator Bucket Digging Adapter, Replacement Volvo Weld-on Bucket Tips Adapters System, Construction Machinery Parts volvo excavator spare parts bucket teeth and adapter, mini Excavator bucket adapter China Factory

Casting Volvo Adapter EC210 1171-01620 Feature:
Part No.: EC210 / 1171-01620
Brands: Volvo
Material: Wear-resisting Alloy Steel
Technology: Sodium silicate dewaxing casting
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²
Heat treatment: Quenching and tempering treatment
Machine type: Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer,etc.
Work condition: With excellent elongation and tensile strength, suitable for many different hard working conditions

Weight 11 KG

Volvo Bucket Teeth and Adapter Machine Model VOLVO EC210 Excavator


Volvo Undercarriage Part Teeth System gives you optimized long change intervals, high productivity and profitability.

We offer specialized patented teeth and adapters for all types of applications. High quality parts that lower your total cost of ownership and maximize the performance of your machine.

The Tooth System is a result of our relentless commitment to innovation and development. Our teeth have undergone extensive field testing in various types of materials and applications to analyze and ensure high quality and good characteristics.


Easy to fit

The vertical locking device makes mounting and removing from an excavator or wheel loader fast and easy. The bucket tooth system is completely integrated in the adapter body for protection and longer service life.

Volvo teeth withstand high stress levels

A perfect fit between the tooth and adapter, together with large stabilizing surfaces, provides a very strong unit to withstand high levels of force and stress.


The self-sharpening design and strategically placed wear material give maximum wear life, with maintained performance.

Resistant to forces

The edge of the adapters and bucket teeth have an acute angle that gives perfect resistance to frontal forces.

Volvo Loader Excavator Bucket Tooth Tip:
Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock teeth (used for iron ore, stone mine, etc.), earth teeth (used to dig soil, sand, etc.), cone teeth (used in coal mines).
The technological process of bucket includes: sand casting, forging and casting, precision casting.

VOLVO excavator & loader bucket tooth / Volvo Undercarriage Part Teeth Bucket Tooth and Adapter:
VOLVO EC130 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC130C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC140 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC140 LCM Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC140B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC140C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC15 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC15 VWU Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC150 LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC150C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC15B Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC160B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC160C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC20 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC200 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC20B Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC210 Bucket Tooth EC210 Casting Volvo Adapter
VOLVO EC210B LC Bucket Tooth EC210 Casting Volvo Adapter
VOLVO EC210B LR Bucket Tooth EC210 Casting Volvo Adapter
VOLVO EC210B NLC Bucket Tooth EC210 Casting Volvo Adapter
VOLVO EC210C Bucket Tooth EC210 Casting Volvo Adapter
VOLVO EC230 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC230B Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC235C L Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC240 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC240B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC240B LR Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC240C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC25 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC280 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC280 NA/SH Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC280 WI/LD Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC290 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC290B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC290B LR Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC290C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC30 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC300 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC330B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC330C L Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC340 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC340 NA Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC340 WIDE Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC35 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC35C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC360 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC360B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC360C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC390 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC390 ME Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC420 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC45 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC450 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC460 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC460B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC460C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC55 Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC55B Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC55B PRO Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC55C Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC650 BE Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC650 ME Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC700B LC Bucket Tooth
VOLVO EC700C L Bucket Tooth
EC480 Tooth 65GPE 14526510
EC480 Tooth 65AMRE 14522959
EC480 Pin 65P 14524710
EC480 Tooth 55 AMRE 14624279
EC480 Pin 55P 11417148
EC480 Tooth 55 AMRL 11417139
EC290 Tooth 40PPE 14526515
EC290 Tooth 40GPE 14523553
EC290 Pin 40 P 14524860
EC210 Tooth 30GPE 14523552
EC210 Pin 30P 11417147
L220G Tooth VOE11417136
L220G Pin VOE11417317
L220G Retainer VOE11417147
Tooth VOE 11417136 30AMRL
Pin VOE 11417147 30P
Retainer VOE 11417317″
Adapter VOE 11417109
Segment VOE 15174421
Bolt VOE 11142571
Nut VOE 948836


In the Volvo Tooth System product range, there are teeth and adapters for all types of applications.

You will find teeth and adapters for your every need. From handling easily broken bank materials to breaking out hard and rocky materials, such as shot rock. volvo tooth point, Volvo Tiger Teeth, volvo undercarriage part teeth, Tiger Volvo Excavator Tooth, Volvo Bucket Teeth and Adapter EC290 Volvo Adapter

The adapters are developed to fit new Volvo buckets, as well as accommodate bucket rebuilds for older machines from Volvo Construction Equipment.

Teeth, adapters and segments

Not only does VOLVO Tooth Point include tooth and adapters for all sizes of buckets for all types of loaders and excavators; there are also segments to protect the bucket between the teeth.
Volvo Tooth System even has a ripper tooth and adapter for Volvo Motor Graders. EC290 Volvo Adapter
Please contact your Great West dealer to learn about Volvo Tooth System parts and how to maximize the performance of your Volvo machine. volvo bucket teeth and adapter, ec290 volvo adapter, ec460 volvo bucket adapter

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