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Case Loader Cutting Edge 112946A1, 1150 Case Loader Replacement Blades, Replacement Case style bolt on center cutting edge, Reversible Bolt-On Blade Cutting Edge China Factory

Case Loader Cutting Edge Feature:
Part No.: 112946A1
Type: Loader Cutting Edges
Size: .75” thick * 6” wide * 83.125” length
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: 1150 Case Loader
Made in China

Case style bolt on center cutting edge for an 1150 Case Loader. This is a double beveled reversible bucket cutting edge that is .75” thick, 6” wide and 83.125” in length. It takes 10 of a 3/4” X 2 1/4”(750X225) plow bolt and 10 of a 3/4”(750 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 8.5” from center to center of the bolt holes, and 3.344” when measured from the edge of the bucket cutting edge to the center of the first hole.
Weight: 125 lb / 56.7 kg

Material:Carbon steel or boron steel
Range:Thickness from 16mm to 100mm
Suitable for all brands of loaders, and could make as customer’s sample or drawing.
After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties could reach the international standard.
Our products are built to deliver superior performance and long wear life which can make a real difference in your applications.

China Komatsu Dozer End Bit Cutting edges Blades with the longest life.
Cutting edges are a Real Steel specialty. As well as stocking the best cutting edges, our custom designed  cutting edges provide superior quality and better wear life. You’ll get cutting edges that are harder and tougher, and you’ll get them fast.
We can custom make wear parts for every major brand that work harder and last longer. For any parts that wear out, get in touch and we can help.

Bolt-On Reversible Blade Cutting Edges
Wear one side and reverse the edge for twice the life
Pre-drilled extra-hard carbon steel for maximum wear resistance
Side View of Edge Mounted on Bucket
Case was among the pioneers to develop and offer the industry bolt-on loader blades. This system makes blade changes simple, fast and inexpensive. You can change worn out bucket edges in minutes, in the field, with hand tools. By using reversible, double bevel flat sections, the wear life of the cutting edge is doubled.

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Product Range

Bolt Bolt Qty Holes Thickness Width Length Nut Part# Weight
PB58212 10 5/8 13 100 2360 PN58 SCE6545 24.0
10 3/4 19 150 2360 SCE6554 53.0
PB58214 9 5/8 19 203 1606 PN58 H439028 49.0
PB34312 6 3/4 25 230 1320 PN34 372081A1/25 60.0
PB34312 6 3/4 32 230 1320 PN34 372081A1/32 76.0
PB34234 6 3/4 25 300 910 PN34 76082016 54.0
PB34234 6 3/4 25 305 870 PN34 L124454 52.0
PB34234 6 3/4 25 305 914 PN34 L127366 55.0
PB34234 6 3/4 32 305 970 PN34 L127038/32 74.0
PB1312 3 1 32 305 1009 PN10 L125171 77.0
PB1312 6 1 32 330 1220 PN10 8500177/32 101.0
PB1312 4 1 32 330 1866 PN10 L128861 155.0
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