Bulldozer Bucket Side Cutter for D9N D9R 834G 834H

  • Bulldozer Bucket Side Cutter for D9N D9R 834G 834H

Bulldozer Bucket Side Cutter for D9N D9R 834G 834H, CAT Cutting Edge Side Cutter, 6Y3840 6Y5538 6Y5539 6Y5540 6Y5841 bucket blades side cutters, Ground engineering machinery parts Bolt On Sidecutters, Construction works Side Cutters

Product Name Bulldozer Bucket Side Cutter for D9N D9R 834G 834H
Material Alloy Steel
Type Standard type 6 holes
Color Yellow/Green/Blue
Part NO. D9N D9R 834G 834H
Application VOLVO Excavator
Weight 11.5 KG
Hardness HRC46-52

Side Cutters Strike Offs. Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection. Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging. One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging.

Most excavator buckets have a side cutter, located on the side of the bucket. The side cutters are thicker than the side of the bucket. In the picture below the side cutter is in the red circle.
Bolt On Side Cutters For Buckets
Excavator buckets may have additional side cutters called “bolt on side cutters”. In the excavator bucket below the bolt on side cutters are circled
At Attachments, not every excavator bucket can be equipped with bolt on side cutters. Bolt on side cutters are only available for the following series of excavators 1171-0017 EC210 Replacement VOLVO Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutters

Ground Engaging Tools (Tooth points)
Good ground engaging tools determine how well the machine performs in various applications.One of the largest part of machine opration costs are the bucket teeth.We at WE provide you smart solutions for tooth point which are application and machine matched.Smooth contour design that provides maximum penetration and resists fatigue.High strength,heat treated alloy steel material for high impact and resist abrasion with system strength,and finally,the change-outs are easy and safe.

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9N4252 9N4302 9N4352 8E4402 9N4452 9N4552
1U1254 1U0257 3G4258 3G4259 1U1304 3G4308 3G4309 1U1354 3G3357 3G5358 3G5359 6Y6335 6Y0309 6Y0352 6Y0359 6Y3352 9W2451 9W2452 4T5502 222-1087 220-9091 220-9089 286-2114, 72A0302 LiuGong Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge Side Cutter
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23TF 60T ZL40B LG50C 72A0005 72A0339 72A0007 72A0006/8 ZL50 312204054 810-10630 810-10600 810-10640
15GPE 55GPE 80GPE K25 XS115 V39 V51 V59 V61

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