Bucket Pin Washer / Shim for Excavator

  • Bucket Pin Washer Shim for Excavator

Bucket Pin Washer / Shim for Excavator, Steel washer and thin flat washer, Special offer flat washers DIN125 made in china

Bucket Pin Washer / Shim for Excavator Parameter
grade: 12.9/10.9
material: 45Cr, 35GrMo,42GrMo.
criterion: ANSI,DIN,BS,AS etc.
Carbon Steel
Hardware Fasteners
Zinc White,coloers

Production Process
We use heat treatment technology and CNC fine processing production, to ensure that products are excellent quality and dimension accuracy and use blue and phos- phating surface burning to ensure good appearance, surface rust free. Hyundai Tooth Adaptor 61N6-31320

High quality material
Our company buys steel from large iron and steel group steel, such as Shanghai baoshan iron and steel, Beijing shougang group, Hangzhou iron and steel. The steel has not only good mechanical properties, but also chemical stability, which ensures the high quality of our products.

Crack resistance
After heat treatment of the product, we will carry on the medium frequency induction, quenching their surface and the inner, to ensure the strength of internal and external hardness.

Quality control system
We have established a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure that the whole process from the purchase of raw materials to final packaging are under strict quality control. Cooperating with high-tech testing instruments, such as hardness tester, spectrometer, metallographic microscope, determines the excellent quality and appearance of our products.

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