Bottom Track Roller for CAT Excavator 302.4D

  • Bottom Track Roller for CAT Excavator 302.4D

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Bottom Track Roller for CAT Excavator 302.4D Detail Information

Machine CAT
Model 302.4D
Product Bottom / Track Roller
Quantity Per Machine 6
Weight 9kg
Catalogue number: 386-0791, 3860791

Material:50Mn Steel
Quality:Heat Treatment HRC 40-55
Color:Black Or Yellow
Warranty Time:12-18 Months
Shipment:By Air, Ship
Package:Export Packaging
High Light:flanged track roller, bulldozer track rollers

Track roller must hold the weight of excavator and bulldozer equipments along with load capacity, it requires precision, strength and durability.

Our track roller for excavators are specially designed, engineered and manufactured for high impact applications. Bulldozer bottom rollers are designed for applications that call for the maximum wear resistance.

ROLLERS: Developed with the highest-quality materials in an efficient, quality controlled manufacturing environment. we serves the heavy equipment and industrial markets with track and carrier rollers for machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, mini excavators and skid steer loaders. Our roller offering is one of the most complete in the world, with hundreds of line items from which to choose.

We use good material to ensure quality and consistency. Our heat treatment process provides hardness in high wear areas, and elastic core to resist shock and impact loads. With strict quality management, we produces effective and stable excavator and bulldozer undercarriage parts meet customer’s demand.

Wr collected professional undercarriage parts catalog from OEM suppliers, which gathered almost models part number and sizes, formed our special part number system and convenient for you to check your parts. Also we have some special machine model parts sizes, which will provide specialize production for your own machine. By the way, producing according to customer drawing is another way we make special service for customers. Caterpillar Rock Chisel Tooth

There are the following types of mechanisms;
with internal shock absorption;
without the use of rubber.

TRAKTOR offers a wide variety of single and double breasted SAT track rollers. We have components for a wide variety of construction, road construction and earthmoving equipment:
dump trucks;
The Caterpillar track roller is responsible for the following tasks:
reduce noise during the movement of equipment;
improves rotation and maneuverability;
ensures a long service life of the undercarriage;
scroll exception – the technique will no longer idle;
minimization of track break;

Track rollers SAT are made from high-strength and wear-resistant materials – the performance of the equipment directly depends on this. In the TRAKTOR catalog you can find track rollers for extra wide tracks, for standard belts, as well as reinforced tracks used in especially difficult conditions.

Track rollers CAT Rollers supporting CAT  Aftermarket Replacement CAT 300.9D Bottom Roller
Full-fledged work of caterpillar special equipment is not possible without serviceable rollers. It is important to exclude downtime, so our online store delivers spare parts as quickly as possible, which allows you to quickly replace the rollers. Double-breasted and single-breasted rollers of the Caterpillar trademark are always available in our warehouses.  CATERPILLAR E325 Track Roller 117-5046, 163-4147, 6Y1057

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Product Range

Brand Model Main Dimensions of Installation
Bulldozer Series D20 155 135 130 264 194 15
D3C 178 152 155 274 230.5 13.5
D30 198 170 154 285 240 17.5
D31 198 170 154 285 240 17.5
D4 230/219 203 174 358.5 298 17
D4D 230/219 203 174 358.5 298 17
D5 233 204 208 369 317.5 17
D6D 246 210 228 400 330.5 20.5
D7 256 222 248 439.5 368.3 20
D7G 256 222 248 439.5 368 245
D8K 300 280 296 533.6 428.6 27
D40 233 204 208 308 310 18
D50 233 204 208 380 310 18
D60 245 210 235 394 320 19
D65 245 210 235 394 320 19
D80 258 220 252 452 380 23.5
D85 258 220 252 452 380 23.5
D155 296 258 292 498 408 26
300907 188 162 138.5 242 212 13
ECM440 188 162 138.5 242 212 13.5
T90 2160 185 213 351.4 298 18
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