Aftermarket Komatsu Cutting Edge 14X-952-5190

  • Aftermarket Komatsu Cutting Edge 14X-952-5190

Aftermarket Komatsu Cutting Edge 14X-952-5190, Sigma Blade 14X-952-5190 Dozer edge blades, Komatsu Style Bulldozer Blades, Loader Bucket Replacement Bolt On Cutting Edge, Double Bevel Blades China Supplier

Specifications for Aftermarket Komatsu Cutting Edge
Part Number 14X-952-5190
Machine Type:Bulldozer
Weight 9.11 kg

Use of any OEM manufacturer name is not intended to represent any relationship between the two companies, instead it indicates that we sell replacement parts that are compatible with OEM components.

Brand Name:Komastu
Hardness:HB300~350 or HB380~450
Production Capacity:500Tons/month
Delivery Date:30~60 days depend on your q…
Material:Carbon steel or boron steel
Special technique:Heat treatment
Technique:Steel rolling
We specialized in manufacturing various cutting edges for all brands of Motor grader, Bulldozers,Excavator,Loader and Scraper.
Suitable for all brands of dozers, and could make as customer’s sample or drawing.
After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties could reach the internation standard.

Popular items blow for reference:

Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Brand Weight(Kgs)
5J6827 1529mmX406mmX30mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 134.8
4T6309 1529mmX406mmX35mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 158.2
4T6372 1529mmX406mmX40mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 182.5
4T6371 1580mmX406mmX40mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 188.8
4T6310 1580mmX406mmX35mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 163.7
9J0565 1580mmX406mmX25mm  1″X20 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 115.1
4T6319 1667mmX406mmX35mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 172.4
140-6764 1667mmX406mmX30mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 147
5J6821 1682mmX406mmX30mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 148.4
4T8795 1730mmX406mmX35mm  1-1/4″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 173.2
4T8802 1730mmX406mmX40mm  1-1/4″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 199.5
140-6762 1732mmX406mmX30mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 152.9
4T6316 1732mmX406mmX35mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 179.4
4J5125 1732mmX406mmX35mm  1″X22 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 179.4
4T6556 1732mmX483mmX35mm  1″X33 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 214.8
4T6555 1732mmX483mmX45mm  1″X33 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 276.2
5J6840 2323mmX254mmX19mm  7/8″X15 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 80.55
5J6855 2576mmX254mmX19mm  7/8″X17 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 89.2
4T7189 312mmX483mmX35mm  1-1/4″X3 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 38.7
4T7184 323mmX483mmX35mm  1-1/4″X3 DBF Cutting Edge CAT 40.1

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