Aftermarket Esco Excavator Teeth Tip Super V V23 Series V23SDX

  • Aftermarket Excavator Teeth Tip Super V V23 Series V23SDX

Esco Aftermarket Excavator Teeth Tip Super V V23 Series V23SDX, Bucket Digging Teeth, Super V Series rock abrasion bucket tooth for 23 Series, Replacement Esco Dozer Excavator Digging Teeth Tips, Replaceable tip adapters parts, Precision Casting Forged bucket teeth, GET spare parts supplier

Aftermarket Excavator Teeth Tip Super V V23 Series V23SDX Feature:
Part Number V23SDX , V23 SDX
Weight  8.3 LBS
Replacement Brand Esco ,
Material Alloy Steel
Style RIPPER Teeth
Hardness 48-52HRC
Process Precision casting / Investment casting / Lost wax casting / sand casting
Certification ISO9001:2008

SUPER V: V13SYL, V17SYL, V19SYL, V23SYL, V23SDX, V23AR, V23AD, V29SYL, V29SHV, V29AR, V33SYL, V33SHV, V33AR, V33AD, V39SYL, V39SHV, V39RYL, V43SHV, V43RP, V51SHV, V51RYL, V59SD/SHV/ARM, V61SYL, V61RYL, V61SD, V69RYL, V69SDX, V71SD, 76FP, V81SD, ULTRALOK: U25C, U25H, U30C, U30S, U30H, U35C, U35S, U35H, U40C, U40S, U40H, U45C, U45S, U45H, U55C, U55A, U60A, VTS (VOLVO): 8GPC, 15GPE, 20AMRE, 30АMRE, 40AMRE, 55GPE, 55AMRE, 65GPE, 80GPE, СAT (Caterpillar): 1U3252, 6Y3222, 1U3302, 1U3352, 7T3402, 1U3452RC, 9N4452, 9W8552, 6Y2553RP2, 6I6603RP2, 4T4703PT, К80 (220-90-89), К90 (220-90-91), Komatsu: 205-70-19570, 207-70-14151, 208-70-141152, Hitachi: 18S, 25S, 30S, 35S, 40S, 45S,

TYL – The TYL style point is designed for a flush cut in general purpose applications. The design is ideal to replace the CAT long point. V23AR Super-v Hot Slag Bucket Tooth

AD – The AD style point is for highly abrasive applications where extra penetration is needed. An excellent choice for quarry applications. V23AD V23 AD Abrasion Penetration Bucket Tooth

ADH – The ADH style point is designed specifically for use on the Quarry lip. The extended wear shoe ensures a smooth quarry floor to protect tires, and offers excellent wear life (available in V43 size only). Excavator Parts Bucket Tooth Tip Super V V23 V23TY

AR-ARL – The AR style point is for highly abrasive applications, and offers the maximum amount of wear metal for long wear life and high economic value. The ARL version is available in certain sizes.

AG – The AG style point is for severely abrasive applications and features a large wearshoe on the bottom for maximum wear life. The slimmer profile provides very good penetration.

ARH – The ARH style point is a special design for hot slag operations. It features a massive wear shoe, thicker ears and a heavier box section to stand up to the most punishing conditions. It can also be used in any application where the most wear metal is needed.

TYLCE – The CEsco style point is a non-twist design that is for welding plate steel across the points for easy installation and removal as a continuous edge used for grading, or when flat bottom trenching or a flush cut is desired.

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