Abrasion Resistant Bucket Shaped Wear Bar

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Abrasion Resistant Bucket Shaped Wear Bar, Bucket Wear Attachment Shaped Wear Blocks, Domite shaped wear bars Chrome carbide bimetallic wear parts for Mining industry, laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts, High Chromium White Iron Shaped Wear Bars for Excavator Bucket Abrasion China supplier

Abrasion Resistant Bucket Shaped Wear Bar, white iron shaped wear bar – Shaped Wear Bars are designed for prevention of gouging wear and thus allow the buckets or machines to run longer than far less down time for maintenance.There are different shapes to suit specific applications.

1) Main material:
Cast Iron (≥63HRC/700BHN,wear resistance) + weldable mild steel(impact resistance)

2) Wide applications:
Abrasion solutions for industrial equipment or tools: bucket,loader, excavator,dragline,G.E.T. tools,hopper,crusher,feeder, etc

3) Advantages:
Better wear resistance performance, Durable, Cost effective, Excellent quality, Good service

4) Chemicals:

C Cr Mn Mo Cu P Si S B,V,Nb
2.5-3.5 15-18 0.5-1.5 0.5-2.5 0.5-1.0 0.02max 0.5-1.0 0.02max 0.1-0.5

The unique, formable design of Wear chocky bars are available in various lengths, grades and sizes and can also be customized as per the clients specific need.
Applications for Chocky Bars are wide and varied, ranging from specific wear protection on buckets for loaders, excavators and draglines machines, or for weld-on hammer tips for the re-cycling industry, or chute linings and rock box edges.
They are easy to use and install. They can be bent, cut and formed to suit different surfaces.Chocky bars can be formed onto inside or outside contoured surfaces to provide an extra level of protection for wear and impact applications.
We can also produce according to your special requests.

Some of our products and services:
—–Wear plates, wear liners
—–Chocky bars and wear buttons
—–Wear blocks, wear bars
—–Custom made wear liners
—–Bucket repair and protection
—–Full Fabrication services
—–Sugar mill hammer tips
—–Drilling, milling or machining
—–Casting/Investment casting
—–Fast service and timely delivery

A. Mechanical Property
1) Tensile Strength : 630Mpa Min.
2) Shearing Strength : 250Mpa Min.
3) Hardness : 63 HRC
B. Micro-structure
Carbide + Martensite + Retained Austenite, the carbide content is about 41.4%

bimetallic wear products deliver the ultimate protection against high abrasion in some of the harshest conditions. With a variety of shapes and sizes, these products are easily installed to most high wear areas resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime. Extends the life of your excavator, shovel, wheel loader bucket or crusher liner. Protection can also be customized for other mobile and static equipment.

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Product Range

shaped wear bar drawing

shaped wear bar drawing

Part NO. Type A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) Unit Weight(kgs)
SWB1200 1 200 13 20 20 10 30 0.8
SWB1244 1 244 10 25 25 10 35 0.8
SWB1202 1 202 10 25 25 10 35 0.9
SWB2275 2 275 5 16 21 8 29 16 0.9
SWB3150 3 150 10 40 60 10 70 20 2.4
SWB3200 3 200 3 25 47 12 59 1.5
SWB4125 4 125 10 40 80 10 90 4.3
SWB4200 4 200 10 25 38 12 50 1.5
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