9J4554WN Caterpillar Adapter Nose for J550 Bucket Tooth

  • 9J4554WN Caterpillar Adapter Nose for J550 Bucket Tooth

9J4554WN Caterpillar Adapter Nose, Weld-on Nose, Nose Piece, Cat ADAPTER NOSE for J550 series bucket tooth, Cat D4 Weld-On Ripper Nose, Caterpillar Style Bucket Weld-on Nose, Cat GET PARTS, D4/D5 weld on Adapter For Excavator, Ground Engaging Tools China Supplier

9J4554WN Caterpillar Adapter Nose for J550 Bucket Tooth Specifications:
1.Part NO.: 9J4554WN
2.Net Weight:  31.62 lb / 14.34 kg
3.Color: yellow or as require
4.material: Alloy steel with Cr,Mn,Mo,Ni,…
5.Technique: Precision casting
6.Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001
7.Outer Packing: Iron or wooden cartons
Caterpillar style weld on nose for a J550 series bucket tooth, takes a 1U1558 pin and an 8E5559 sleeved retainer
Possible Profile Number Cross Reference:
2.Long, HD Long, Standard
3.Abrasion, HD Abrasion
6.Flared / Wide
7.eg)1U3352RC – J350 Family; Standard Long tooth with a Rock Chisel profile.

What are weld on noses?
If the nose wears out on your adapter, then you can opt to replace just the nose rather than the whole adapter, the nose piece is a lot cheaper, but you have more labor involved in replacing just the nose. 8E7350 Replacement Caterpillar Nose, 8E7300 RIPPER NOSE fits Caterpillar
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CAT J450 J450 WELD ON NOSE 223-8109 39.5
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 229-7099A 27.5
CAT J300 J300 WELD ON NOSE 8E7300 3.5
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 8E7350 5.3
CAT J220 J220 WELD ON NOSE 6Y3224WN 1.7
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 9J4354WN 4.6
CAT J250 J250 WELD ON NOSE 9J4254WN 2.25
CAT J460 J460 WELD ON NOSE 8E6464WN 8.6
CAT J300 J300 WELD ON NOSE 9J4304WN 4.2

Mechanical Property of Our Products Replacement Caterpillar Nose
* Larger pin diameter for oversize fastener







♦Teeth SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦Adapter SZ Series >=1400Mpa >=1200Mpa 9% HB 380–400 >=22J
♦Sider Cutter SZ Series >=1700Mpa >=1500Mpa 8% HB 440–520 >=21J
♦Cutting Edge 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦Cutting Edge HN8 >=1130Mpa >=600Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >7J
♦End bit 30MnB >=1670Mpa >=1440Mpa 9% HB 440–520 >=29J
♦End bit 16Mn >=670Mpa >=320Mpa 7% HB 280–320 >=21J
♦Power Bolt 40Cr HB 380–420
♦Power Nut 45# HB 380–420


Part Number Description Weight
4K6936 Standard Long 3.4 lbs
4K6936SXC Top Pin Tooth 3.5 lbs
4K6936Tiger Top Pin Tiger Tooth 2.9 lbs
4K6984 Adapter for Top Pin 5.5 lbs
4K0034SXC Top Pin Tooth 4.9 lbs
4K0034Tiger Top Pin Tiger Tooth 5.2 lbs
4K0034RCM18 Adapter for Top Pin 6.0 lbs

Parabolic tooth & adapter systems
Hensley’s Abrasion Ace brand of carbide-enhanced teeth offers the ultimate protection against wear caused by abrasion.Abrasion Ace teeth are designed with protective channels cast into the base tooth, which are then filled with an extremely hard tungsten carbide product. The results are added hardness and an increase in the life of the base tooth.Abrasion Ace teeth are superior to other designs which fully expose the carbide product. Here’s why: the abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide is susceptible to fracture during impact so Hensley has encased the carbide within protective channels.While not recommended for use in heavy impact conditions, Abrasion Ace teeth will provide longer life in abrasive conditions.

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