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  • 9J3658 Motor Grader Blades

9J3658 Motor Grader Blades, 9J-3658 Curved Grader Blades, Caterpillar Style Motor Grader Curved Cutting Edges, 15 Holes High Treated Boron Cutting Edge, Chinese Construction Machinery Parts Ground Engaging Tools Curved Edge Supplier

9J3658 Motor Grader Blades Feature:
Type: Motor Grader Blade
Material: Heat treated boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: 160M2,120MAWD,140M,160MAWD,120M,140MAWD,160M,140K,140M2AWD,140M2,14M,12M,160M2AWD
Made in China

Caterpillar style 5/8” X 6” X 7’ curved, heat treated, 15 hole grader blade; takes 15 of a 3/4” X 2 3/4”(750X275) plow bolt and 15 of a 3/4”(750 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 3” from the edge to the center of the 1st hole, and 3” from the center of the 1st hole to the center of the 2nd hole, and 6” from center of the 2nd hole to the center of the 3rd hole.

Weight: 74 lb / 33.57 kg

Heat Treated Curved Cutting Edge Description:
Curved edges penetrate the roadway better than flat edges while carrying existing material forward to leave a smooth even surface. High carbon edge offers better affordability than our through hardened steel, but has limited impact.

Where impact and abrasion are low, the thinner edge provides the most economical service. Thicker edges provide added strength and wear material for abrasive or high impact applications.

Material: consists of high carbon steel and high quality boron steel.
Thickness :from 12mm to 60mm, width is no limited,suitable for all kind of machine models domestic and foreign.
Process :Process of hot-pressing and compression bending is applied in all end bits and they’re made from boron steel.
Performance :Product performance has reached international standard, after quenching and tempering.
Variety:Single bevel, Double bevel, Drilled double bevel, None bevel. We could provide your need by your drawing, like dimension and bolt hole distribution.

Curved Grader Blades Thicknes 13-25mm Width 152-203 mm
Flat Grader Blades Thicknes 16-75mm Width 203-406 mm
Different type Curved grader blade, Flat grader blade, Curved Serrated blade, Flat Serrated blade
Main Business Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Dozer Cutting Edge, Loader Bucket Edges, Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts, Pins&Retainer
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas

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