9J2357 3G1357 Caterpillar style 3 Bolt Hole Track-Type Loader Adapter

  • 9J2357 3G1357 Caterpillar style 3 Bolt Hole Track-Type Loader Adapter

9J2357 3G1357 Caterpillar style 3 Bolt Hole Track-Type Loader Adapter, DOUBLE STRAPPED ADAPTER, Caterpillar J350 Replaceable Bucket Teeth Adapter Tooth Holder, Wheel Tractor Loader Adapters, Caterpillar Direct Replacement Bucket Tip Adapter Adaptor made in China Supplier

9J2357 3G1357 Caterpillar style 3 Bolt Hole Track-Type Loader Adapter SPECIFICATIONS
PART NO. 9J2357 3G1357 / 9J-2357 3G-1357
Abrasion Resistant Material: Standard Option
Adapter Size: J350
Attachment: Bolt-On
Machine: Loader
Position: Center
Weight 40.79 lb / 18.5 kg
Track-Type Loader
977K 977L

Caterpillar style 3 bolt hole loader adapter for a J350 series with a 1 1/4″ lip thickness, takes 3 – 1″ x 4″ plow bolts and 3 – 1″ hex nuts; bolt hole spacing is 3.25″ and 5.75″ from center to center of the bolt holes; Use Item # 3G1357

To match varying work conditions, Cat Adapters support numerous degrees of tip penetration custom-made for your loaders, excavators and scrapers. Caterpillar style Weld on Center Excavator Adapter, Long Wear Life Left-hand Durable Bucket Adapter Caterpillar Ripper Excavator Bucket Adapter

Cat J Series adapters provide excellent performance and proven reliability over time – that’s what you get with this classic horizontal retention system. Industry-standard side-pinned design performs across a variety of applications.

Cat K Series adapters provide unsurpassed vertical retention with a drive through or hammerless retention option. With K Series adapters you get reliable retention with easy installation and removal. Caterpillar style Bolt on Ripper Shank Adapter  9J4207 J200 Center Loader Bucket Tip Adapter

K80-K100 Size = Drive Through Retainer
K110-K170 Size = Hammerless Retainer
Caterpillar customers rely on Cat adapters for the most demanding mining, forestry, construction and other ground breaking applications on earth. Contact your nearby Cat dealer for the ground engaging tool adapter specifically made for your Cat loader, excavator, or scraper. CAT J450 Center Bolt-on Side-pin Teeth Adapter

These adapters have an excellent hold, along with good protection of the blade. Provides for an easy and quick change of teeth. Caterpillar style Weld on Flush Mount Adapter

Two-Strap Adapters feature a lower profile than the flush-mount adapter, allowing for more penetration and higher productivity.

Cast from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable adapters make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

J350 Two Strap Adapter Center Bolt-on Attributes:
• J350 Center Bolt-on Adapter to fit 30 mm edge with a 22.5 degree bevel angle

• Wheel Loader Buckets

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