9F5124 Caterpillar Scarifier Shank

  • 9F5124 Caterpillar Scarifier Shank

9F5124 Caterpillar Scarifier Shank, 9F-5124 Caterpillar motor grader spare parts scarifier tooth ripper shanks, ripper bucket tooth for earthmoving equipmrnt, Replacement Scarifier Ripper Shank for motor grader

9F5124 Caterpillar Scarifier Shank Features:
Caterpillar style scarifier shank for a motor grader; takes a 5K-1459 pin and a 5K-1458 bushing; the dimensions are 1″ in height, 3″ in width and 17 1/4″ in length ; Use Item # 1957218 Weight 11.02 lb / 5 kg

Compatible Models
motor grader
120G, 14E, 140, 12E, 130G, 12G, 140G, 120, 140B, 120B, 160G, 12F, 12H NA 120H, 140H NA

wheel-type loader
966C, 950

Model NO.
9F5124 / 9F-5124
Casting Method
Thermal Gravity Casting
Lost Wax Casting
Molding Technics
Gravity Casting
Machinery Parts
Alloy Steel
Surface Preparation
Surface Roughness
Machining Tolerance
ISO 9001:2008
Yellow,or Other Colors
SCARIFIER SHANK, Spare Parts(9F5124)
Ningbo, China
HS Code

More wear resistant, high production efficiency
Good heat treatment with unique materials, tooth tip can maximize innovation for wear, tooth tip shape to keep sharp teeth, thickened design helps to speed up the loading bucket speed, the side is more durable.

Higher reliability
The tooth nose unique design has higher fatigue strength,the pin design is very scientific, can lock the tooth tip and the tooth seat firmly .

Reduces fuel consumption and maintenance requirements
Our company adopts advanced water glass lost wax casting, precision casting production of carbon steel, low alloy steel, is a domestic investment casting of a large-scale professional production base, mainly exported to Japan and many other countries.

OEM scraper replacement or custom design edges, integrated tooth edges, router bits, floor guides, blade and router supports, push bocks. Compactor feet, fabricated and cast cleaner bars, cleaner bar teeth and adapters.

Single shank ripper

High-strength wearable steel plate, such as

Q345, Q460, WH60, NM400, Hardox400.

Or as per your different requirements or drawings

It is used for digging hard soil, frozen soil, soft rock, weathered rock and cracked rock. It also can remove the root of the trees and other barriers.
Multi tooth ripper
It is mainly used for loosening thin hard soil and frozen soil, so that it can improve the efficiency.
Package: Packed in strong wooden cases. Or as per your request.
Note: Please choose the bucket based on the construction condition, avoiding reduce the service life or damage.

Wear Parts and G.E.T from a Heavy Equipment parts dealer/distributor.
Scarifier Shanks for grading tractor, scraper boxes, uses a crimp on teeth.
H920 Scarifier Shanks, Caterpillar Style Motor Grader Scarifier Shank 1957218

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