938 Caterpillar Front End Loader Cutting Edges 107-3746

  • 938 Caterpillar Front End Loader Cutting Edges 107-3746

938 Caterpillar Front End Loader Cutting Edges 107-3746, Caterpillar style bolt on heavy duty center cutting edge for loader, OEM Replacement CAT style bolt on center cutting edge, Heat Treated Blade/Cutting Edges/End Bits China Supplier

938 Caterpillar Front End Loader Cutting Edges 107-3746 Parameter:
Part No.  1073746 / 107-3746
Weight 136.91 lb / 62.1 kg
wheel-type loader
938H 930H 938G 938G II 928G 938F 928HZ 930G

integrated toolcarrier

Caterpillar style bolt on center cutting edge for a 938 Caterpillar Front End Loader. This is a double beveled reversible bucket cutting edge that is 1” thick, 11” wide and 46.5625” in length. It takes 3 of a 1” X 2 3/4” (100X275) plow bolt and 3 of a 1” (100 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 15” from center to center of the bolt holes, and 7.44” when measured from the edge of the bucket cutting edge to the center of the first hole.

Cutting Edge 35mm

Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat® heavy duty bolt-on cutting edges protect the lip of your bucket from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

Cat heavy duty bolt-on cutting edges have a good balance of both abrasion and impact resistance to allow them to perform across a variety of applications boosting your machines versatility. They are designed to reduce the time required to replace your cutting edges, increase bucket capacity, and reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear.

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable cutting edges make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Moderate to high impact
• Moderate abrasion
• Maintains smooth floor

• Production loading, stockpiling, re-handling, excavating, and bank loading

Double Beveled Reversible Cutting Edges
Bolt on
Heat treated to RC 28
Hardened edge steel for superior cutting edge life
OEM Replacement
Width up to 8″ wide available
Thickness available up to 3/4″
Counter Sunk Bolt Hole


First look at the options shown below. These are just a few of the most common edges.
If you don’t find the replacement below that your looking for don’t worry. We most likely have it available.
You can also contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you. You will need to provide some additional information to ensure an accurate price and match. Please have this information ready before calling. Caterpillar Double Beveled Reversible Bucket Cutting Edges Cat Dozer Cutting Edges 45mm 107-3482

-Total Length of edge needed
-Total Width of edge needed
-Edge to Center of 1st Hole
-Distance between Holes on Center (Center to Center)
-Size of Hole
-Total Thickness

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