8E8415 CAT D10R D10N Crawler Dozer Shank AS Ripper

  • 8E8415 CAT D10R D10N Crawler Dozer Shank AS Ripper

8E8415 CAT D10R D10N Crawler Dozer Shank AS Ripper, Caterpillar Style D9 Forged Ripper Shank, Heavy Equipment & Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts, Caterpillar Solid Steel Mulitiple Shank Assembly, Caterpillar replacement 8E-8415 – DOZER SHANK AS-RIPPER

8E8415 CAT D10R D10N Crawler Dozer Shank AS Ripper Parameter
Weight: 435KGS
Dimension(mm): 90*355*1819
Hole Diamater: 2-Φ114.3,3-Φ32.5

Caterpillar style ripper shank for a D9/D10 Caterpillar Bulldozer. This ripper is 3.5” thick, 14” wide and 71.6” long. The bolt hole spacing is 4” from the edge to the center of the 1st hole, 13.78” from the edge to the center of the 2nd hole. It takes a 4T4502 tooth, a 9W8365 ripper guard, a 103-8115 ripper shank adapter, and a 107-3361 ripper shank nose.
Weight 959 lb / 435 kg
Shank-Ripper Fits Caterpillar Dozer, Motorgrader, Loader
Compatible Models:
track-type tractor
59N D10R, D10N, 10SU 58L 10 D10T2, D10T, 59 59L 10U

wheel dozer


(1) The best material 35CrMo steel was used.
Ripper shanks are cutting tools used to tear through layers of earth or overburden. The majority of the time, ripper shanks are used in tandem with dozers in various configurations.. Hundreds of factors can impact the life cycle of ripper shanks, so it is important to start with a steel that has the ability to handle the most severe wear applications. 35CrMo was specifically engineered for the mining and earth moving industries, so it is ideal for these type of jobs.

(2)One-piece machine finished ripper shanks, without any welding avoiding the risk of breakage on the welded areas.

(3)High toughness:Ripper toughness is very high even under difficult conditions, such as high rates of strain combined with low temperatures thanks to the forging technology and most good steel in all our shanks. CAT D9L D10N Bulldozer Replacement Ripper Shank 8E8414

(4)Excellent cold weather properties
The forging ripper Shank will outlast other ripper shanks by at least 25-35%. In cases where “breaking” has occurred, our forging ripper shanks has lasted three to four times as long as others. The high tensile strength, along with its ultra-fine grain structure, allows for a longer wear cycle. Due to its superior grade steel, the forging Ripper Shank allows for less downtime and increased production.

Cat Style 8E-8415 8e8415 Caterpillar Shank D9 D10 Rippers
Fits equipment
Equipment type Model
ENGINE – MACHINE 3412; 3412D; 3412E; C27
TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR D10N; D10R; D10T; 58L; 59L; 59N

Shank Ripper. Part number 8E8415. New.

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