80” (2032 mm) Excavator Serrated Cutting Edge

  • 80” (2032 mm) Excavator Serrated Cutting Edge

80” (2032 mm) Excavator Serrated Cutting Edge, Bolt on Serrated Bucket Cutting Edge, Grader Blade Motor Grader Cutting Edge, China Factory Cutting Edge Excavator Serrated Snow Plow Blade

80” (2032 mm) Bolt on Excavator Serrated Cutting Edge (3/4” x 8”) with Hardware, 6” CTC, 13 H, Wt. (lbs):94.0
Bolt-on cutting edges extend the life of a bucket by adding a wear edge to the front of the bucket. Bolt-on edges have a double bevel so they are reversible–extending the life of the edge itself. Various thickness and width options are available to fit your bucket exactly. CTC = bolt hole center to center distance. H = number of holes drilled in cutting edge.

Material 30MnB steel or 45# Carbon Steel or 85# Carbon Steel
Colors Black,yellow,red
Technique forging, machining, heat treatment
Surface Hardness 30MnB is HRC42-49, 45# is HRC42-58, 80# is 280-320 HB
Certification ISO9001:2000/GB/T24001-2004/OHSAS 18001:1999
FOB Price FOB USD 20-100/Piece
MOQ 5piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established

Mechanical properties:
30MnB Steel
45# Carbon Steel
85# Carbon Steel

Our Cutting edge and Grader blades are designed and manufactured to meet OEM and industry standard for earthmoving machinery and equipment. We can provide both heat-treated Boron steel and Carbon steel, it is depend to your market. Boron Steel with heat treated has the superior performance over Carbon steel.

Different Types
Cutting edge:Double bevel flat cutting edge, DBF Cutting Edges,DBF Cutting Edges ,DBF serrated cutting edge
End bit:Level cut end bit, hot cupped end bit
Dozer Cutting edge:
7T9125,6Y5540,4T6381,7T5702,4T6659,4T2988,4T3010,9W1878, 175-70-26310,195-71-11654,144-70-11131,154-81-11191,144-920-1120,17M-71-21550,195-71-61550,T198126,T120980,T120979,T162841…
End bits:
3G8283/3G8284,8E4193/8E4194,8E4198/8E4199,9W1875/9W1876,3G8319/3G8320,9W8874/9W8875,8E4545/8E4546,175-71-22272/175-71-22282, 195-71-11173/195-71-11183, 175-70-21136/175-70-21126/140-70-11170/140-70-11180, T223519/T223520, T204080, T204081, U15195, 12F-929-2170, 17A-71-45712/17A-71-45722, 9183811/9183812…
45# High Carbon Steel Heat Treatment
30MnB Boron Steel Heat Treatment
Technique Dimension mm
Thickness:Cutting Edges:13mm to 80mm.
End Bit:16-75mm
Accept customized Size
Available to Motor Graders, Bulldozers, Excavators, Loaders, Scrapers
From brands domestic and overseas
Main Business
Cutting Edges, End Bits, Curved Blades, Track Shoes, Track Link Assembly, Sprocket, Ripper Shanks, teeth,
Pallets or Cases, Standard Export Plywood 74” (1880 mm) Serrated Grader Cutting Edge

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