6Y3609 Bolt-on Base Edge Loader Wear Plate

  • 6Y3609 Bolt-on Base Edge Loader Wear Plate

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6Y3609 Bolt-on Base Edge Loader Wear Plate SPECIFICATIONS
Height (in): 1.38
Height (mm): 35.00
Length (in): 27.54
Length (mm): 699.60
Width (mm): 254.00
988B, 988F II 988F
Caterpillar Loaders 988 F Spade Nose Rock
Machine Type:Loader
Model:988 B General Purpose
Blade Position:HD Rear Wear Plate
Quantity Required:2
Dimensions:1-3/8 x 10 x 26-3/4
Holes / Bolts:4
Bolt Size:1 x 3-1/4
Hole Spacing:1-3/8, 24, 1-3/8
Units are inches and pounds.

Bolt-on Base Edge wear plates are replaceable wear plates that cover the bottom area of the bucket’s base edge not protected by segments. These genuine Cat® edge protectors provide extended wear life and deliver better fit-up with the bucket liner, enhancing overall wear protection and reducing overall operating costs.

• Replaceable wear plate
• Protects bottom of base edge
• Extends base edge life

• Buckets on some loaders
• High-abrasion, low-to-moderate impact applications
• Not compatible with all buckets

Part Number: 6Y3609Serial Number: 9U4191 1456506 9U4719 145600 4E6470 1069821 9U4185 9U4189 9U4181

Description: Blade Position: Heavy Duty Wear Plate | Blade Type: DB|| | Dimensions: 1.375 x 10.000 x 26.750 | Total Holes: 4 | Bolts Qty: 2 | Bolts Dia x Len: 1.000 x 3.25 | Hole Spacing (End to 1st): 1.38 | Hole Spacing (1st to 2): 24 | Hole Spacing (2nd to 3): null | Bolts Qty (row 2): 2 | Bolts Dia x Len (Row 2): 1.000 x 3.25 | Hole spacing (End to 1st Row 2): 1.38 | Hole Spacing (1st to 2 Row 2): 24 | Hole Spacing (2nd to 3 Row 2): null

Quantity: 2

Weight: 75.8

Blade Position:Heavy Duty Wear Plate

Blade Type:DB||

Dimensions:1.375 x 10.000 x 26.750

Total Holes:4

Bolts Quantity:2

Bolts Dia x Len:1.000 x 3.25

Hole spacing (End to 1):1.38

Hole spacing (1st to 2nd):24

Bolts Quantity (Row 2):2

Bolts (Row 2) Dia x Len:1.000 x 3.25

Hole spacing (Row 2) (End to 1):1.38

Hole spacing (Row 2) (1st to 2):24
Cutting edges end bits

  1. Motor grader blades & motor grader end bits
  2. Bulldozers cutting edges &end bits
  3. Loader blades

Carbon steel , boron steel, and 16MN.
Carbon steel/16MN HB280-320
Boron steel HB460-HB500

Material 16Mn manganese steel and 30MnB Boron steel both with heat treatment.
Thickness Cutting Edges: 13mm to 80mm.
End Bit: 16-75mm
Different type Cutting edge: Double bevel flat cutting edge || , DBF Cutting Edges |>,
DBF Cutting Edges < > ,DBF serrated cutting edge
End bit: Level cut end bit, hot cupped end bit
Different type Double bevel flat cutting edge || , DBF Cutting Edges |>, DBF Cutting Edges < > ,
DBF serrated cutting edge
Main business Motor grader blades and end bits, dozer cutting edge, loader bucket edges,
excavator cutting edge, scraper cutting edge
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas
Package Cutting edge and end bits: plywood pallets

7T5702 Tractor Cutting Edge and Segment

6W0276 55.46 992D
6Y3573 58.26 990
6Y3609 34.4 988F
6Y3610 82.57 992C
7V0910 436.2 980C
9V5793 25 988B
9W6747 19.16 950 – 960 – 962
9W6748 18.94 963
9W6749 31.64 966 – 970 – 973
9W6750 31.66 973 – 980F
1099215 32.64 980G – 980H
1618573 30.2 966G – 966H – 972G – 972H
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