6Y0359 R350 Ripper Teeth fit Caterpillar D7

  • 6Y0359 R350 Ripper Teeth fit Caterpillar D7

6Y0359 R350 Ripper Teeth fit Caterpillar D7, Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Point Tips, Caterpillar Crawler Dozer Ripper Teeth, Track-Type Tractor CA style Dozer Ripper Tip, Replacement Caterpillar Bulldozer Heavy Equipment Ripper Boots

6Y0359 R350 Ripper Teeth fit Caterpillar D7 Feature:
PART NO. 6Y0359 /6Y-0359
Weight 10.2 KG
Brand Caterpillar

Dozer Ripper Tip Advantage:
1. Aggressive leading edge design
2. Variety of approved tooth systems
3. More Side cutters / Wear shroud options
4. Reduced weight by the use of high abrasion resistant materials
5. More usable wear metal for longer point life
6. Slimmer profile for better penetration
7. Greater nose strength and fatigue life
8. Alloys provide longer wear life and greater impact resistance

Caterpillar style ripper bucket tooth; takes a 9J2358 pin and a 1U2405 retainer; Use Item #6Y0359

Ripper teeth break up hard soil and ice. This site uses cookies to create a better experience for you. … With Cat Used Equipment, you’ll find quality options in all age and hour ranges — and at multiple price points to fit your budget.Made with OEM qualilty, Heat treated and of highest quality. D11 Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Point Tips 6Y-3552, Intermediate Penetration Ripper Tips 6Y-3552

The Ripper Tooth is the ideal attachment when working with tough ground. The idea being that you can use the strength of the Ripper Tooth to break through the tough ground first, before following up with the standard digging bucket. You can also use the Ripper Tooth as a root hook, or rock claw, or can be used in demolition for ripping up concrete or tarmac. Replacement Hyundai Excavator Rock Teeth, Caterpillar Crawler Dozer Ripper Teeth 6Y3552
The ripper tooth is also sometimes referred to as the ripper claw, ripper hook, frost hook, or digger claw.
This Ripper Tooth Attachment comes fitted with 65mm pins as standard.
Material Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc
Machine type Excavator, Loader,Bulldozer,etc.
Heat treatment Quenching and tempering treatment
Teeth : HRC46-52 ,Impact value >=16J
Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
Work condition
with excellent elongation and tensile strength,
suitable for many different hard working conditions.

The most important part of any machine is its work tool. Buckets or blades, tips or edges, rippers or side cutters; no matter the size, work tools and ground engaging tools are the main reason the machine exists. Ground Engaging Tools have a direct effect on the machine`s ability to produce. CAT style Dozer Ripper Tip Teeth 6Y3552

Popular items blow for reference:

Part number Measurement Description Weigth/kg Model
4T4501 R500 Ripper Tooth 27.5 D10T D10N,D9R 9N
4T4502 R500 Ripper Tooth 28.5 D9,D10,D11,D11N,D10N
4T4503 R500 Ripper Tooth 31.0 D10,D10N,D11,D11N
4T4702PT J700 Bucket Tooth 65.0 E375,994
4T4702RC J700 Bucket Tooth 50.0 TALLA 70,E375,994
4T4702TL J700 Bucket Tooth 38.0 E375,994
4T4703 J700 Bucket Tooth 67.0 TALLA 70
4T4703PT J700 Bucket Tooth 60.0
4T4704 J700 Tooth adapter 85.0 E375,994
4T5451 R450 Ripper Tooth 17.0 D8,D9
4T5452 R450 Ripper Tooth 17.4 D8K,D8L,D8N,D9H,D9N R450
4T5452HD R450 Ripper Tooth 17.4 D8,D9
4T5501 R500 Ripper Tooth 24.0 D10,D11,D9R,D11N,D10N
4T5501HD R500 Ripper Tooth 29.7 D9,D10,D11
4T5501L Ripper Tip Short 24.0 D9-D11
4T5502 R500 Ripper Tooth 27.0 D9,D10,D11,D10N, D11N
4T5502HD R500 Ripper Tooth 33.3 D9,D10,D11
4T5502TL R500 Ripper Tooth 27.8 D9,D10,D10N,D11N,D11
4T5503 R500 Ripper Teeth 35.0 D9,D10,D11,D10N.D11N
6J8814 R350 Shank protector 14.5 D8,D9,D8L,D8N,D9N,D9H
6Y0309 R300 Ripper Tooth 5.3 D4,963,955,951,160H,140,130,14,12
6Y0309TL R300 Ripper Tooth 4.5 D4,955
6Y0352 R350 Ripper Tooth 10.9 D5,D6,D7,977,983
6Y0352TL R350 Ripper Tooth 10.5 D5,D6,D7
6Y0359 R350 Ripper Tooth 10.2 D5,D6,D7,977,973,16,983
6Y0469 J350 Unitooth, Gap38 23.5 966D,980F
6Y2553 J550 Bucket Tooth 27.6 E345,E350,988G,992D
6Y2553HD J550 Bucket Tooth 33.0
6Y3222 J225 Bucket teeth 2.1 E307,EX70,933
6Y3222RC J225 Bucket Tooth 2.8 E307,EX70,933
6Y3222V J225 Tooth 2.0
6Y3224 J225 Weld on Adapter 2.7 E307,EX70
6Y3254 J250 Weld on Adapter 4.1 E311,E312
6Y3552 R550 Ripper Tooth 50.0 D11SS,D11DR


1U3201 Short
6Y6221 Short
1U3251 Short
1U3301 Short
1U3351 Short
168-1351 Short
7T-3401 Short
9W8451 / 1U3451 Short
9W8551 / 1U3551 Short
1U3301P Short
1U3351P Short
7T-3401P Short
9W8451P Short
9W8551P Short
1U3202 Long
6Y3222 Long
1U3252 Long
1U3302 Long
1U3352 Long
7T-3402 Long
9W-8452 / 1U-3452 Long
9W-8552 / 1U-3552 Long
6I-6602 Long
4T-4702 Long
1U-3202 P Long
1U-3252 P Long
1U-3302 P Long
1U-3352 P Long
7T-3402 P Long
9W-8452 P Long
9W-8552 P Long
6I-6602 P Long
1U-3202 TL / 9W-8209 Tiger
1U-3252 TL / 9W-8259 Tiger
1U-3302 TL / 9W-8309 Tiger
1U-3352 TL / 9W-2359 Tiger
7T-3402 TL / 6Y-5409 Tiger
1U-3452 TL / 7T-8459 Tiger
1U-3552 TL / 9W-6559 Tiger
6I-6602 TL / 107-8609 Tiger
4T-4702 TL / 107-8709 Tiger
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