6Y0309 Excavator Ripper Teeth

  • 6Y0309 Excavator Ripper Teeth

6Y0309 Excavator Ripper Teeth, Cat Ripper Tooth, Excavator Part Replacement Bucket Teeth, 6Y0309 New Fits Caterpillar Ripper Tooth Tip 14 130G 941 951 955 963 977 D4 D7, Customized Logo Teeth Tips, 6Y0309 Dirt Cat Style Digging Bucket Teeth w/9J6583 pin & 6Y9459 retainer, Ground Engaging Tools Spare Parts China Supplier

6Y0309 Excavator Ripper Teeth Feature:
Part No.:   6Y0309 -2
Replacement Brand: Caterpillar
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Casting Bucket Teeth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
OEM are acceptable

Caterpillar Style 6Y0309 Dirt Digging Bucket Tooth/Teeth w/9J. 6Y9459 retainer. The 6Y0309 Caterpillar bucket tooth is 11 1/2″ long, 3 1/2″ wide and 4 1/2″ in height. 9J6583 pin is 3 5/8″ long, and has a 1/2″ pin diameter.
Caterpillar style ripper bucket tooth for a R300 series; takes a 9J6583 pin and a 6Y9459 retainer
Description Caterpillar style ripper bucket tooth for a R300 series; takes a 9J6583 pin and a 6Y9459 retainer
Weight 11.91 lb /5.4 kg




Materials:Alloy Steel
Machine Type:Excavator,Bulldozer,Loader…
Colors:Black, Yellow, Green ,Black
Heart treatment:Quenching ,tempering and annealing treatment
Hardness:Teeth :HRC48-52 ,Impact value >15J ;Adapters :HRC34-38 ,Impact value >28J
Work Condition:With excellent tensile and yield strength, good abrasion and impact resistance,they are very suitable for many different hard working conditions.
Packing:The big size case could be packed 1.5 ton,medium size 1 ton,samll size 600-700 kilograms.
MOQ:20 set
Delivery Time:According to the quantity
Making Process:
Wax-injection–assembling–shell making—de-wax–shell baking—pouring—sand cleaning–grinding–polished—heat treatment–polishing—-painting

Ripper Tooth Production process
Casting processes: Sand, investment, steel and precision casting
Materials: Gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, structural alloy steel, heat-resisting steel, aluminum alloy and more
Special materials are also available
Materials chemical components supplied
Production process: Mold designed by drawing, wax mold fabrication, wax welding, mold shell making, roasting, pouring, sand strip, surface treatment, put in storage and package
Primary Competitive Advantages:
teeth and adapters are very suitable for many different hard working conditions.
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Product Range

Products infomation:
Item Model Weight(kg) Machine  Type
1U3201 Teeth 1.4 E100
1U3202 Teeth 1.3 E100
1U3202P Teeth 1.3 E100
4T1204 Adapter 2 E100
8J7525 Adapter 1.5 E100
1U3301 Teeth 3.6 E200
1U3302 Teeth 4.4 E200
1U3302P Teeth 4.1 E200
9N4302 Teeth 5.6 E200
3G6304 Adapter 7.2 E200
1U1304 Adapter 7.8 E200
3G4308/4309 Cutter Side 29.2 E200
E200BL/R Cutter Side 23.5 E200
KE312 Teeth 2.7 E312
KE312 Adapter 4 E312
1U3252 Teeth 3 E315
1U3252RC Teeth 3.8 E315
1U3252P Teeth 2.5 E315
9N4252 Teeth 3.7 E315
3G4258/4259 Cutter Side 19.6 E315
3G0169 Adapter 4.6 E315
1U3351 Teeth 4.6 E320
1U3352 Teeth 5.5/6 E320
1U3352RC Teeth 5.3 E320
9N4352 Teeth 7.3/7.7/8.4 E320
1U1354 Adapter 15.5 E320
3G8354 Adapter 9/9.3/10.3 E320
6I6354 Adapter 9.7 E320
3G5359 Adapter 21 E320
8J3410 Adapter 10 E320
7T3402 Teeth 9.1 E325
7T3402RC Teeth 9.7 E325
8E4402 Teeth 11.2 E325
6I6404 Adapter 13.5 E325
9W8451 Teeth 11.2 E330
9W8452 Teeth 11.5 E330
9W8452P Teeth 10.2 E330
9W8459 Teeth 10 E330
9W2451 Teeth 14.2 E330
1U3452RC Teeth 14.7/15 E330
1U3452WTL Teeth 15 E330
9N4452 Teeth 15 E330
9W2452 Teeth 16.5 E330
6I6464 Adapter 19.5/20.5 E330
8E6464 Adapter 22 E330
E330L/R Cutter Side 40.6 E330
9W8552 Teeth 19 E345/350/992
1U3552RC Teeth 24 E345/350/992
6I6554 Adapter 33.8 E345/350/992
4T5501 Adapter 23 E345/350/992
4T5502 Adapter 27 E345/350/992
6Y5230 Teeth 1.5
9F5124 Adapter 5.2
6Y6335 Teeth 3.3
4T4307 Adapter 13
1U0257 Adapter 8.4
3G3357 Adapter 19
1U0307 Adapter 10.7
6Y0359 Teeth 10.5
9J6586 Adapter 22.5
6Y0309 Teeth 5.4

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