61Q6-31310 R225-9 Hyundai Excavator Bucket Teeth

  • 61Q6-31310 R225-9 Hyundai Excavator Bucket Teeth

61Q6-31310 R225-9 Hyundai Excavator Bucket Teeth, Hyundai Tooth Point, R225-9 Excavator Parts Bucket Teeth Tips, Replacement Hyundai Standard POINT-TOOTH, heavy equipment parts bucket teeth adapters

61Q6-31310 R225-9 Hyundai Excavator Bucket Teeth Parameter:
Part No.: 61Q6-31310
Description: TEETH
Brand: For Hyundai
Color: customer’s design
Weight: 7 kg
Applied Machine: For Hyundai R225-9 R215-9
Production Method: Casting
Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, etc,
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=16J
Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Weight (min — max) 11.02 lb — 13.23 lb
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

1.Supply to USA,Europe,and Australia
2.Material:Alloy Steel,Carbon Alloy Steel,Special Alloy Steel
3.Professional Performance Auto parts supplier
4.Ford Engines

Earth Moving Parts Bucket Tooth Ground Tool Replacement Hyundai excavator bucket teeth are designed with vertical pins to assist in reducing the force required for excavating and extending the service life of excavator buckets. As their name suggest, the bucket teeth is mainly designed for Hyundai excavators of different models. Meanwhile, to suit soil excavating and rock digging demands, we have designed different types of bucket teeth for customers in quarries and construction industry to choose from. R500 Bucket Teeth Hyundai Parts 61EQ-30030

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66N4-30350 0.24 HYUNDAI140LC-7 (61N4-31310) pin
66N4-11150 0.04 HYUNDAI140LC-7 (61N4-31310) retainer
E161-3035 0.24 HYUNDAI210 (E161-3027)61N6-31310 pin
61E5-11150 0.04 HYUNDAI210 (E161-3027)S411-180002 retainer
E161-3035 0.32 HYUNDAI225-9 (E161-3027)67N6-31310/61Q6-31310 pin
61E5-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI225-9 (E161-3027)67N6-31310/61Q6-31310 retainer
E262-5004 0.28 HYUNDAI290 / HYUNDAI-290-7 (E262-3046)\(61N8-31310)  pin
61E5-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI290 / HYUNDAI-290-7 (E262-3046)\(61N8-31310) retainer
61E(H)7-0105 0.5 HYUNDAI360-7 (61NA-31310) pin
61EH-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI360-7 (61NA-31310) retainer
61E(H)7-0105 0.5 HYUNDAI450 (61E7-0101) pin
61EH-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI450 (61E7-0101) retainer
61E7-04620 0.5 HYUNDAI450-7/500 (61NB-31310) pin
61E7-04630 0.08 HYUNDAI450-7/500 (61NB-31310) retainer
66NB-31340 R500 0.72 HYUNDAI500 (66NB-31310) pin
66NB-31350 R500 0.12 HYUNDAI500 (66NB-31310) retainer
61EQ-30460 0.68 HYUNDAI650 (61EQ-30030) pin
61EQ-30510 0.12 HYUNDAI650 (61EQ-30030) retainer
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