5KC3STT Keech / Hitachi Roll Pin Bucket Tooth

  • 5KC3STT Keech Hitachi Roll Pin Bucket Tooth

5KC3STT Keech / Hitachi Roll Pin Bucket Tooth, Keech Style Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth, Casting Bucket Twin Tiger Tip Suitable for Mini Size Excavators & Loaders, Mini Digger Standard Double Pick Bucket Teeth, Hitachi Keech style Digging Tooth Tips Assmblies, Replacement Bucket Tips Adaptor Tooth Point System, China GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Factory

5KC3STT Keech / Hitachi Roll Pin Bucket Tooth  Product Feature
Part Number:  1C3ST, 5KC3STT, 5KC3ST
Original manufacturer: Keech
Machine type: Excavator / Loader
Hardness 45-52HRC
Color Yellow / Black or custom

Twin Tiger Teeth are for working in harder conditions as they give you better penetration than the standard chisel teeth (5KC3S Chisel)
Also known as the 1930 ECH, ECH1930THD, 1C3ST, 5KC3STT, 5KC3ST
Pack includes 7 x 5KC3TT – Inner & Outer Pin Set.
Outer Pin Dimensions – 10mm x 45mm.
This is a very Common Tiger Tooth style in Australia and suits most Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders & Mini Loaders up to 3.5 Tonne.
Teeth Colour may vary

The Keech style Bucket Teeth increase load bearing, extend operating life and optimise load capacity of your bucket. The Keech system incorporates a vertical two piece pin system which is commonly found on a arange of machines. Casting Twin Tiger Keech Excavator Tooth 5KC3ST

Keech is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality ground engaging tools, including bucket teeth and wear parts, for heavy machinery used in construction, mining, and other industries. Their bucket teeth are renowned for their durability and performance, contributing to the efficiency and longevity of earthmoving equipment. Here are some key aspects of Keech bucket teeth:

Quality and Durability: Keech bucket teeth are known for their robust construction and use of high-grade materials, such as alloy steels, to ensure exceptional strength and resistance to wear. This durability is crucial in environments where heavy machinery encounters tough materials like rocks, gravel, and abrasive soils.

Variety of Styles: Keech offers a wide range of bucket teeth designs to suit different applications and soil types. These designs include options like standard teeth, heavy-duty teeth, penetration teeth, and more. The variety allows operators to choose the most appropriate tooth for specific tasks, optimizing productivity and performance.  Keech 5KC3TT BUCKET TWIN TIGER TOOTH

Easy Replacement: Bucket teeth are wear parts that experience significant stress and abrasion during operation. Keech’s designs often include features that make tooth replacement straightforward, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for machinery operators.

Adapter Systems: In addition to bucket teeth, Keech provides adapter systems that enable the secure attachment of bucket teeth to the machine’s bucket or blade. These systems ensure proper fitment and compatibility, minimizing the risk of tooth loss during operation.  04T3TT Keech Bucket Teeth Double Tiger

Global Presence: Keech has a global presence and serves a diverse range of industries, from construction and mining to agriculture and forestry. Their reputation for producing reliable ground engaging tools has earned them recognition in various parts of the world.  5KC3ST Keech Loader Bucket Twin Tiger Tip

Innovation: As with any technology-focused company, Keech continually invests in research and development to improve the design and performance of their bucket teeth and wear parts. This commitment to innovation often results in products that provide enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness for equipment operators.  3T3STT Hitachi Keech Style Teeth Twin Tiger

In summary, Keech bucket teeth are high-quality ground engaging tools that offer durability, versatility, and performance for heavy machinery used in demanding industries. With a variety of designs and a focus on innovation, Keech has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of wear parts that contribute to the effectiveness of earthmoving operations.  03T3TH Keech Style Twin Pointed Tip

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Product Range


OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3TT 5KC3-PN 48 46 127 63 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.7
03T3STT 03T3-LK 62 63 150 67 03T3-PN 03T3 1.3
04T3STT 03T3-LK 75 62 150 80 03T3-PN 04T3 1.6
07T3TT 1T3-LK 77 87 195 93 07T3-PN 07T3 2.9
1T3STT 1T3-LK 101 96 282 124 1T3-PN 1T3 6.4
20KC3TT 1T3-LK 127 99 280 129 1T3-PN 20KC3 7.7
3T3STT 3T3-LK 135 123 282 146 3T3-PN 3T3 12.4

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