5KC3SB Keech Chisel Tooth for Skid Steers & Excavators

  • 5KC3SB Keech Chisel Tooth for Skid Steers & Excavators

5KC3SB Keech Chisel Tooth for Skid Steers & Excavators, Keech Style Standard Bucket Chisel Teeth, Casting Bucket Chisel Tip Suitable for Mini Size Excavators & Loaders, Mini Digger Standard Pick Bucket Teeth, Hitachi Keech style Digging Tooth Tips Assmblies, Replacement Bucket Tips Adaptor Tooth Point System, China GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Factory

5KC3SB Keech Chisel Tooth for Skid Steers & Excavators  Product Feature
Part Number:    5KC3, 5KC3SB
Original manufacturer: Keech ,  ECH
Machine type: Excavator / Loader
Hardness 45-52HRC
Color Yellow / Black or custom

Part# OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3-S 5KC3 5KC3-PN 45 47 119 38 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.6
03T3S-S 03T3S 03T3-LK 60 58 140 54 03T3-PN 03T3 1.0
04T3S-S 04T3S 03T3-LK – – – – 03T3-PN 04T3
07T3S-S 07T3S 07T3-LK 77 88 195 73 07T3-PN 07T3 2.7
1T3S-S 1T3S 1T3-LK 100 94 210 94 1T3-PN 1T3 4.0
20KC3S-S 20KC3S 1T3-LK 125 97 232 118 1T3-PN 20KC3 6.8
3T3S-S 3T3S 3T3-LK – – – – 3T3-PN 3T3

A Keech Digging Tooth is a specialized digging tool used in various earthmoving and excavation applications. Keech is a well-known manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments, and their digging teeth are designed for durability and efficient digging performance. These digging teeth are typically used on buckets, backhoes, excavators, and similar heavy machinery.

Keech 5KC3 Mini Excavator Bucket Teeth
HCEPARTS Group is pleased to stock Keech 5KC3 Mini Excavator Bucket Teeth. They are compatible will all mini excavators and skid steer loaders; and have been designed to increase load bearing, extend operating life and optimize load capacity. We stock the Keech Sharp tooth and Twin Tiger teeth as well as their adaptors and pins for your convenience. Our range of Keech bucket teeth will keep your mini excavator working harder for longer; with their extra durable make and long wear you won’t be disappointed.

If you want more information on our KEECH 5KC3 Style Bucket Teeth our friendly and highly skilled staff at HCEPARTS are here to help! We are more than happy to help you get the best bucket teeth for your machinery at an exceptional price.

5KC3 Skid steer Loader, Bobcat and Excavator Bucket Chisel Teeth & Pin5KC Keech Style Bucket Teeth are the most common teeth for Skid Steer Loaders, Mini Loaders and Mini Excavators up to 3 Tonne. All our Bucket teeth are supplied with a Heavy Duty coiled spring pin.Our GET (Ground Engaging Tools) are manufactured to the highest possible engineering standards and our GET products are designed for correct fitment, wear and longevity. This reduces downtime and increases productivity. All our GET are designed for simple and easy installation.

04B0922 Screw GB/T 70.1-2008 M4X12- color zinc plated 8.8
47D0129 Fuel tank filler 5KC3SB
PS13321 Oil temperature indicator G31-127-01+A
27D0069 Steering axle body
PS09973 Injection pump inlet pipe C26BL-26BL102+A
PS10494 Exhaust turbocharger takes over bracket D00-143-802+A
17D1147 Oil filter tube
05C0689 Hose assembly F481CACF080804-2030
17A0367 Rocker PL25-626X133
PS08656 Q/SC1302-60 ~ 83: hoop B00001579
Z100171 Guide tube
05C0459 Hose assembly F481CACF101005-580
17A0175 Left corner edge
Z301348 Tubing  1T3S ECH Keech Bucket Point Chisel Tooth
PS15587 Turbine inlet gasket C38AL-38AL801+A
17D0581 Pipe joints
47B0007 All the way to the fuse box (40A) BX2011
00D1030 Support
06B0237 Washer GB 93-1987 12-Zn.D 65Mn
10B0035 O-rings GB 1235-1976 30X3.1 rubber Ⅰ-1
44B0174 Reverse switch
PS13462 Air cleaner assembly KLG-14J-000+A
Z101989 Output shaft 5KC3SB
PS14685 Exhaust pipe (right) C13AL-13AL606+A
Z303209 Into the file case
03B0013 Nut GB/T 6170-2000 M6- color zinc plated 8
Z100150 Bearing cap
PS08214 Crank A765ZA-06-004+A
27B0003 spring
PS12124 Elbow D24B-104-902+A
71A0065 Fuel pre-filter housing
PS09575 Turbine exhaust takeover C12BL-8N5779+A
00D1330 Cover body
53A0286 Release fork ball bearings
21B0203 Rubber mat
Z302297 The entire vehicle line
87A0166 Insulation materials  20KC3S Keech Digging Chisel Tooth Point
PS12135 Clip D24B-119-30+A
33C0571 Side of the wheel
Z303398 Breathable cover
23D0117 Seat brackets
21B0149 Cushion
Z101810 Luo mother 5KC3SB
PS10414 Fan shaft D00-109-02A+A
00A0732 ELBOW
30A0331 Hose inner diameter 8, length 250
32A0092 Rubber elbow Ⅱ
82A0097 Pipe clamps
PS16235 Flywheel mark pointer
53A0255 Threaded mount (threaded inner plate)
58A0415 Connecting flange
PS14863 90 ° elbow C47BL-M3B6552+A
PS11191 Piston D05-101-50+A
30D0242 The front frame
46C0895 Air conditioning assembly
00D1483 Support
Z302054 Diesel (import)
PS08225 And low voltage lines A765ZCS-26-004+A
PS14401 Fuel injection pump assembly 9 500 370 605+A
07C0075 Hose 20411/20491-36-16X1W16X690
Z301260 Tubing
51B0082 C3-2 front windshield
07C0664 Hoses F781C9C9303016-2500-PG2320
10B0621 O-ring 31100047 GB1235-76/26X3.5
Z302570 Deep groove ball bearings
51B0100 Right side glass
Z300732 Rolling 6004-Z (the old code 60104)
82A0414 Pipe clamps
PS10942 Top cover plate D02C-123-02+A
29C0114 dash board
PS14631 Hex head bolt C06BL-06BL602+B
PS13893 Hex head bolt U311A-8S9089+A
85A0010 jacket
Z301569 rubber tube
47D0077 Cover
40C0083 Diesel engines 6HK1XQP
72A0241 Left side tooth wear 833
75B0066 Working pump repair kits CBQ2063-XLB
11C0581 JHP2080A Steering pump for XGMA XG951 XG953 XG956 spare part

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Product Range


OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3TT 5KC3-PN 48 46 127 63 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.7
03T3STT 03T3-LK 62 63 150 67 03T3-PN 03T3 1.3
04T3STT 03T3-LK 75 62 150 80 03T3-PN 04T3 1.6
07T3TT 1T3-LK 77 87 195 93 07T3-PN 07T3 2.9
1T3STT 1T3-LK 101 96 282 124 1T3-PN 1T3 6.4
20KC3TT 1T3-LK 127 99 280 129 1T3-PN 20KC3 7.7
3T3STT 3T3-LK 135 123 282 146 3T3-PN 3T3 12.4

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