5K1459 Pin, Lock GET Caterpillar Style

  • 5K1459 Pin, Lock GET Caterpillar Style

5K1459 Pin, Lock GET Caterpillar Style, Scarifier Shank T-Lock w/ Grommet, CAT 5K-1459 Pin T-Lock, Scarifier & Ripper Mounting Pin, Caterpillar Style Scarifier Shanks, Pins, T-Locks, Teeth & Retainers

5K1459 Pin, Lock GET Caterpillar Style pin; takes a 5K1458 grommet parameter:
Diameter (in): 1
Diameter (mm): 25.4
Length (in): 4.48
Length (mm): 113.75
Weight 0.55 lb / 0.25 kg
Pin, Lock GET
Compatible Models
motor grader
12H ES 12H NA 120H ES 140G, 140M 3 12G, 135H NA 140M 2 160M 2 135H, 160H ES 130G, 120H NA 12H, 120M, 140H NA 140M 3 AWD 140B, 120G, 160H, 160H NA 140H ES 12M 3 AWD 12E, 120H, 163H, 12M 3 140H, 12M 2 12F, 120M 2 160M 3 AWD 120K 2 160M, 140M, 12M, 163H NA 120K, 160M 3 14E, 140, 14H NA 160K, 140K 2 14L 160G

wheel-type loader
950, 966C

motor graders
160H, 12H, 140G, 143H, 120G, 12M, 140H, 120M, 140K, 135H, 12G, 12K, 160M, 120H, 140M, 160K, 140B, 160HNA, 14H, 140HNA, 12M2AWD, 12HNA, 135HNA, 163H, 160M3, 120M3, 120M3AWD, 120, 120LAWD, 140K2, 120M2, 120MAWD, 120HNA, 12M3, 140M3, 120K2, 140M2, 14LAWD, 140M3AWD, 140M2AWD, 160MAWD, 160M2, 120M2AWD, 12M3AWD, 160M2AWD, 160M3AWD, 140GC 140-13, 140-13AWD

NOTE: Caterpillar Style Aftermarket – Fits CAT equipment. This part may fit various machines.
This ripper mounting pin is a T-shaped locking pin used on Scarifier/ripper Mounting for certain Motor Grader work tool platforms.

This Caterpillar older style scarifier holding pin 5K-1459 (replacing 9F-5116) was reversed engineered and introduced as a Caterpillar direct replacement. This Pin/Key is used to hold Cat style scarifiers to the holding box. These scarifiers uses H&L’s forged HL-6Y-5230 wedge-slip-on style Teeth. Allforged teeth are made in the China! WE offer a cast CX-6Y-5230 tooth also. T114792 John Deere Scarifier Shank Adapter

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