5J9627 Right Dozer End Bit Blades

  • 5J9627 Right Dozer End Bit Blades

5J9627 Right Dozer End Bit Blades, DOZER Right END PIECE 35MM D9 D8, Caterpillar D8 leave cut / hot cup corner end edges, CAT Bolt On Bucket Wear End Cutting Edge, Left Right Hand Dozer End Bits, G.E.T Spare Parts, Replacement Caterpillar Bolt-On Bucket Blade End Bits China Supplier

5J9627 Right Dozer End Bit Blades Feature:
Part No.:  5J9627, 5J-9627,  3G8293, 3G-8293
Manufacturer: Caterpillar, CAT
Machine Type: Bulldozer, Dozer
Made in China


A 480mm Material HB500
B 300mm Diameter 7/8″
C 25mm Tooth
D Holes 7
E Class
Weight 29,8Kg

Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat Level Cut end bits protect the blade of your machines from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

Cat Level Cut end bits are designed to be on plane and are angled on the ends for close curb work, minimizing windrows and reducing time in finish dozing applications. Reversible and extended reversible styles are also available for double the wear life where curbing is not required. Loader End Bit

Manufactured from DH-2 steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable end bits make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Matched to the cutting edge depth

• Finish and semi-finish dozing in sand, loose soils, and aggregates

8H3498 STRAINER A6V8941 REDUCER8J0278 BEARING8K5283 PLATE8N8929 BRG-MAIN8T7193 SEAL0020754 CUP9L7828 PISTON A9X9675 BRACKET9R2849 STUD1091296 SEAL O RING0964499 ROD PUSH1148242 ROD PUSH0951712 O-RING1159399 ARM ROCKER1039686 METAL,CON-RO0950642 BOLT,HEXSOCK1107595 PIN1378479 SPACER1261813 ELEMENT-FILT1372818 BEARING1399230 EDGE-CUTT290AP TOOTH ABRASIONCR5444 TRACK BOLT – D5H LGP HD131-3736 SOCKET4226488 BRG-BALL-C5D8212 BEARING 3G8291, 3G-8291 CAT Right Dozer End Bit

V39AD ESCO SUPER V9F4113 NOZZLE A9J4304 ADAPTER CTR J300 235-955-963-9665263048 BRG-SLV-CL12A370 SEAL O-RINGVO12A370 SEAL O-RING568-902 OR-90NBR-0.239X0.064-C/S(50)1018917 STUD6127-11-7813 GASKET6610-50-5100 ELEMENT ASS’2162211 CLAMP T BOLT2094578 CLAMP-T’BOLT2265613 GASKET2257944 GASKET1850348 RING-BACK UP1873833 SHIM2117895 TENSIONER -2814015 PIN2739375 GASKET-CYL H3716702 PLUG-GLOW2P5804 RING-RETAINI3F3874 RACE1H8379 FACING3S6552 GASKET3V2828 MACHINE SCRE1N4859 GASKET3B6487 COUPLING1A2362 LOCK1P7360 ELEMENT A-A2S1076 SEAL5V1274 SPIDER4N6529 VEE BELT SET5I8368 VALVE A5S4862 HOLDER5S8149 SHIM4T4501 TIP6K2036 RACK5S1212 INDICATOR6I3809 SEAL G CRANK4T6869 CARTRIDGE G7E9195 PUMP GP8L5311 GASKET8C7110 BEARING CONE7S9844 BEARING A8N2637 WASHER7B2725 BOLT7W3895 CAP A8E1848 PROTECTOR7W5735 GASKET6V2509 KIT GASKET9C8418 PLATE7Q8329 SCREW7Y4261 PLATE9G8299 GUIDE9W2307 CUTTING EDGE9W9498 BEARING9S2013 KIT9Y3595 GASKET0922326 RING1123596 SEAL L TYPE0951515 O-RING1301918 PIN A083155 CUP6K0884 SPIDER BRG ASSY8N7933T CONN ROD BRG STD983352 CUP984079 CUPCR3242/22 D5 SHOE DOZER (CR3616 SALT PIN D3 (6SCR4772 D3 LH HI LINK (4197257 BRG-CON-CL111147520 HEAD GASKET3142D041 VALVE INLET

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