5D9732, 5D-9732 HB500 Through Hardened Curved Grader Blade

  • 5D9732, 5D-9732 HB500 Through Hardened Curved Grader Blade

5D9732, 5D-9732 HB500 Through Hardened Curved Grader Blade, CATERPILLAR Curved Grader Blade, CAT Genuine Parts Motorgrader Curved Double Bevel Blade, G.E.T Parts Boron Steel Blades with 8 holes, Through Hardened Heat Treated Cutting Edges for Motor Grader China Supplier

5D9732, 5D-9732 HB500 Through Hardened Curved Grader Blade Specifications:
Part No. 5D9732, 5D-9732

A 203mm Material HIGH CARBON
B 19mm Diameter 5/8″
C 2438mm Tooth
D Holes 17
E Class
Weight 67,8Kg

Compatible equipment models: 5D9731:
MOTOR GRADER 16 Caterpillar

Material: Manganese steel, boron steel
Thickness: 13mm; 16mm; 19mm; 25mm.
Width: 152mm and 203mm.
Length: 4=1219mm; 5=1524mm; 6=1828mm; 7=2133mm; 8=2438mm.
Bolts Dia: 3/4; 5/8
Adaptable for most of graders in market, including Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kato, Daewoo, etc, also could be designed and produced by clients’ drawing.
Mechanical properties of products could reach international standard after quenching and tempering heat treatment.
Thanks to our high quality raw material and professional heat treatment, our products’ wear life and performance of are 15% ~ 20% higher than most of other similar products in market.
Trade Terms: FOB NINGBO.
Payment Terms: 30% prepaid, T/T at the sight of copy of B/L.

Offer for instant purchase has cost one hundred and six dollars, forty-six cents, condition of spare part – aftermarket.
Specifications: weight (lbs) 1. For these characteristics delivery equals fifty-seven dollars, seven cents. Abrasion Resistance 9 Holes Caterpillar Spare Parts Curved Cutting Edge 7T1643, 9W2309 Relacement Caterpillar Edge Cutting for Motorgrader, 8D2787, 8D-2787 Curved Blade for Construction Equipment Motor Grader
Part number 5D9558 EDGE-CUTTING BORON refers to: Ground engaging, Edges. High Carbon Curved Cutting Edge Grader Blade 9W-2302, 9W2302, 9W2302 High Carbon Curved Motor Grader Blade, 8D2787, 8D-2787 Caterpillar Curved Cutting Edges for Grader Equipment, 8D2786, 8D-2786 Curved Blade for Motorgrader with 13 Holes, MOUNTING fit CATERPILLAR Motorgrader Curved Blade 8D2786 4T2237

Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
A(1) 9U-6198 Crankshaft Turning Tool 1
A(2) 9U-7336 Housing 1
5P-7305 Engine Turning Tool 1 Caterpillar 4T2237 8FT Grader Blades
(1) The Crankshaft Turning Tool is used on the front pulley.  5B5564, 5B-5564 High Carbon Curved Cutting Edge for Grader
(2) This Tool is used in the aperture for the electric starting motor.Note: Either Tooling (A) can be used. Use the Tooling that is most suitable.
Keep all parts clean from contaminants.Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.  5D9731, 5D-9731 Ground Engaging Tools Motor Grader 16 Blades
Illustration 2 g02011713 CARBON LEVEL BLADE CURVED 4Z8968 4Z8653 4Z8652
Clean the piston cooling jets and inspect the piston cooling jets for damage. Ensure that the valve is free to move within each piston cooling jet. Replace any damaged piston cooling jets. The procedure for checking that the alignment of the piston cooling jets is described in Specifications, “Piston Cooling Jet Alignment” for more information.
If the crankshaft is installed, use Tooling (A) to rotate the crankshaft in order to access the mounting flange for the piston cooling jet.
Install a new O-ring seal (3) (not shown) onto piston cooling jet (2).  5D9561, 5D-9561 Carbon Curved Cutting Edge for Motor Grader
Install piston cooling jet (2) into the oil passage in the cylinder block. Note: Ensure that the piston cooling jet is correctly installed into the oil passage in the cylinder block before tightening the bolt.  5D9562, 5D-9562 6Ft Curved Grader Blade for CAT
Install bolt (1). Tighten the bolt to a torque of 9 N m (80 lb in).
Repeat Step 2 through Step 4 in order to install the remaining piston cooling jets. End By:
Install the engine oil pump. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Engine Oil Pump – Install” for the correct procedure.

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Product Range

Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Brand Weight(Kgs)
232-70-12142 1828mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X8 DBC Grader Blades Komatsu 24
4T3512 1219mmX203mmX25mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 45
7T1627 2438mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 67
7T1625 2133mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 59
7T1638 1828mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 50
9W2341 1524mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X11 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2339 1219mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 33.5
7T1630 2438mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 67
7T1623 2133mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 59
7T1634 1828mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 50
9W2340 1524mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2338 1219mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 33.5
7T1628 2438mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 56
7T1624 2133mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 49
7T1639 1828mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2329 1219mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 28
7T1631 2438mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 56
7T1643 2133mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 49
7T1636 1828mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Weight(Kgs)
7T1643 2133mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 49
7T1636 1828mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1641 1524mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 35
9W2328 1219mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 28
3G1628 2438mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 45.5
3G1627 2133mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 40
3G1626 1828mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 34
134-1779 1524mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X11 DBC Grader Blades 28
135-6738 1219mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades 23
8J8980 2438mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades 45.5
8D2789 2133mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 40
8D2788 1828mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 34
9J3863 1524mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 28
3G7965 1219mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 23
9W2335 2133mmX152mmX19mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1644 2133mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1635 1828mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 35.5
7T1642 1524mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 30
7T1629 2438mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 39
7T1626 2133mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 34
7T1637 1828mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 29
7T1632 2438mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades 39
7T1645 2133mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 34
5B5562 2133mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 34
7T1633 1828mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 29
7T1640 1524mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 25
9W2302 2438mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 31.5
9W2300 2133mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 28
9W2298 1828mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 24
9W2301 2438mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 31.5
9W2299 2133mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 28
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