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Motor Grader Blades, 5D9553 Motor Grader Blades, High-carbon Grader Cutting Edges, Earth Moving Equipment Replacement Parts Cat Motor Grader Blade

Motor Grader Blades Feature:
Part Number: 5D9553
Type: Double Bevel Curved Blades / Curved Grader Blade
Applied Machine: Caterpillar Motor grader
Material: High carbon steel, Heat treated boron steel (16MnB / 30MnB)
Paint Color: Yellow, Black, Red or Customized

Weight: 30Kg
Width: 152mm(6”)
Thickness: 16mm(5/8”)
Length: 1828mm(6′)
Bolt: 5/8” plow bolt
Bolt Qty.: 13

1. High-impact resistance
2. High-carbon edges
3. Good surface hardness
4. Perform well in high-abrasion applications
5. Perform well in low-impact applications
6. High-carbon edges will not withstand the impact level of a through-hardened edge.
7. Provides superior penetration and rolling action necessary for fine grading and finish work
8. Curved-edge design improves penetration and rolling action

OEM Part Number or Custom Design
Grader blade: C80 high carbon steel and heat treated 30MnB boron steel for you to choose
Grader end bit: heat treated 16Mn manganese steel and heat treated 30MnB boron steel for you to choose
Curved grader blade: thickness from 13-25mm, width from 152-203mm
Flat grader blade: thickness from 16-75mm, width from 203-406mm
Serrated grader blade both curved and flat
Provide Casting ripper shank and teeth

Motor Grader Blades selection is critical for enhancing production and keeping cost to a minimum. Application affects the cutting edge shape, metallurgy and style. Impact, penetration and abrasion define your application environment. An edge has to penetrate the material and not break during operation. Edge life then becomes a matter of metallurgy and thickness.

HCEPARTS offers a wide range of cutting edges for motor graders. Each provides certain benefits when used in the appropriate application. Using the right edge is critical for enhancing production and keeping total costs to a minimum. The three factors to consider in choosing a cutting edge are shape, width and thickness.

There are two basic edge shapes—flat and curved—with serrated edges available in both configurations. In addition, the HCEPARTS Grader Cutting Edges & End Bits system dramatically expands the range of edge shape options. HCEPARTS offers different types of grader edges and edge thicknesses for motor graders.

Please feel free to call us at any time if there is any question. OEM / Customized design Motor Grader Blades is available, Contact us Today! Send a Quote or info@hceparts.com

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Product Range

Sort Name Motor grader blades and end bits
Part Number Grader blades:

5D9553 5D9554 5D9556 5D9557 5D9558 5D9559 5D9561 5D9562 7D1158

7D1949  7D1577  4T2233 4T2242 4T2244 4T2236 9J3862 9W2297 9W2299

9W2301 7T1633  7D4508 4T2237  4T3007 4T3036 4T8316 4T8317 4T6511

4T6508 138-6440 135-9576 …

Grader end bits:


9W1768, 9J4405, 9J4406,T149152,232-70-52190,232-70-52180,234-70-32230,234-70-32240,232-70-52980…

Material C80 High Carbon Steel and Heart Treated 30MnB Boron Steel for you to choose

Heat Treated 16Mn Manganese Steel and Heat  Treated  30MnB Boron Steel

Curved Grader Blades Thicknes  13-25mm  Width 152-203 mm
Flat Grader Blades Thicknes  16-75mm  Width 203-406   mm
Different type Curved grader blade, Flat grader blade, Curved Serrated blade, Flat Serrated blade
Main Business Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Dozer Cutting Edge, Loader Bucket Edges, Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts, Pins&Retainer
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas
Package Cutting edge and end bits: PLYWOOD PALLETS;
Payment L/C,D/P,T/T
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