Esco 50LK EX Lock Retainer Liebherr 5934225

  • 50LK Esco Lock Retainer Liebherr 5934225

Esco 50LK Esco Lock Retainer Liebherr 5934225 – Esco style rubber lock for a 50 series bucket tooth, takes a 50PN pin; Item #50LK
Weight 0.44 lb / 0.2 kg

Wear Parts and G.E.T from a Heavy Equipment parts dealer/distributor.
Fits V55 Series Esco style bucket teeth. Rubber lock size 45, Retainers 45 Series Lock, 45LK Esco Style Rubber Lock Liebherr, 45LK Style Lock Retainer Liebherr 5934224
Includes: Esco Style Super V Flex Pins.
1- Esco style Super V flex pin for a 50 series bucket tooth.
2- Bucket tooth pin was made of Material 40CR.
3- Used for connect with bucket tooth & adapter.
4- Size can be made as your requirements.
We also supply plow bolt, segment bolt, Hex bolt…

This is the steel pin and rubber lock used on all Esco Style bucket teeth. Teeth are found mainly on excavators. The Industry Standard part number for the Pin is 45pn, for the lock it is 45Lk. 45pn 45Lk Steel Pin & Rubber Lock, -Series Pin Lock, Retainers

We stock a wide variety of pins, retainers and rubber locks to suit all bucket teeth and ripper boots. Whether you’re after a series pin, centre pin, ripper pin, retainer, series lock or rubber lock, can source it to you in a range of different shapes and sizes. Just contact us through our website or call our office and our highly trained team will assist you in selecting the best pin, retainer or rubber lock for your bucket teeth and ripper boots.

If you purchase any bucket teeth on this website they all come with the correct Pin/lock that you need. You only need to purchase this particular pin & lock if you would like to purchase some extra. It is always reccomended to have a few extra pins in your shop for quick access.

Part No.
V13-17 PN
Super V Series Lock
V19-20 PN
Super V Series Lock
V23 PN
Super V Series Lock
V29 PN
Super V Series Lock
V33 PN
Super V Series Lock
V39 PN
Super V Series Lock
V43 PN
V Series Lock
V51 PN
Super V Series Lock
V59 PN
Super V Series Lock
V61 PN
Super V Series Lock
V69 PN
Super V Series Lock
V71 PN
Super V Series Lock
V81 PN
Super V Series Lock

Professional Designer Team
1. Meet Your New Various Size Requirements.
2. New OEM Packing Is Available, Print Your Logo With Different Languages & Colors.
3. New designing is available.
bucket tooth pin, locking pin backs, tooth numbering systems
50PN PIN, 50PN Style Lock – Highest quality hardened steel to perform in the toughest of digging conditions.
NOTE: Style Aftermarket Teeth & Hardware – This part may fit various machines.
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We guarantees all spare parts for 30 days against breakage. If any of these parts break under normal working conditions, We will provide a new part free of charge.
This guarantee will not apply to items that have been subjected to abuse, neglect, accident, re-use, improperly welding or incorrectly installed in accordance with assembly instructions. Aftermarket Esco Excavator Teeth Tip Super V V23 Series V23SDX
All wear parts are subjected to wear and are consumables products. We assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage to machinery, equipment, attachments or personnel, where our parts and components are used.

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