4T2236 Grader Blades

  • 4t2236 grader blades

4T2236 Grader Blades, 4T-2236 Curved Cutting Edge, Caterpillar Motor Grader Blades, High Carbon Steel Aftermarket Part, Curved Cat Motor Grader Blade Replacement

4T2236 Grader Blades Feature:

Caterpillar style 1” X 8” X 8’ curved, heat treated, 17 hole grader blade; takes 17 of a 3/4” X 2 3/4”(750X275) plow bolt and 17 of a 3/4”(750 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 3” from the edge to the center of the 1st hole, and 3” from the center of the 1st hole to the center of the 2nd hole, and 6” from center of the 2nd hole to the center of the 3rd hole.
Weight: 196 lb / 88.9 kg

The best curved edge choice is often the impact tolerate through hardened edge. Curved edges penetrate the roadway better than flat edges while carrying existing material forward to leave a smooth even surface.
Where impact and abrasion are low, the thinner edge provides the most economical service. Thicker edges provide added strength and wear material for abrasive or high impact applications.

MOTOR GRADERS 160M3AWD,14H,160M2AWD,14LAWD,163H,160M,160M2,14M,160M3,160HNA,160MAWD,16M,16H,16M3

Our 4T2236 Curved Grader Blade advantages: We have more than 20years experience in making blades, cutting edges and end bits for all kinds of bulldozer and grader machines,the drawings of our products are complete. The materials we use are 16MnB, 30MnB and 35MnB, if you have any special request, please cilck the top buttom Request Info. All of our products are heat treated and hardened to improve the lifespan, meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving, grader and mining applications. We are the factory, we have advantages of our price. Some of the information about grader blades for your reference, for more information,please feel free to contact us send email: info@hceparts.com.

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Product Range


Width: 8
Material: Through Hardened
Thickness(in): 1
Machine: Motor Grader
Serration: Not Serrated




Material: Through Hardened
Width (mm): 203.2
Machine: Motor Grader
Weight (kg): 93.93 kg
Thickness(mm): 25.4
Serration: Not Serrated

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