3G4554 Cat Flush Mount Adapter System

  • 3G4554 Cat Flush Mount Adapter System

3G4554 Cat Flush Mount Adapter System, Weld-On Flush Mount Side-pin Adapter, J550 Caterpillar Direct Replaceable Excavator Adopter, Replacement Wheel Loader Bucket Adapter China Supplier

3G4554 Cat Flush Mount Adapter System SPECIFICATIONS
PART NO. 3G4554 / 3G-4554
Abrasion Resistant Material: Standard Option
Adapter Size: J550
Attachment: Weld-On
Machine: Loader
Position: Center
Weight 74.96 lb / 34 kg
Wheel-Type Loader
990 II 992C 990
5130B 5130 5110B

The Cat Flush Mount adapter system is idea for high-impact, high-abrasion applications. The larger adapter and optional cover offer greater durability and more wear protection than a traditional two-strap system.

Get improved adapter life – Upsized adapter resists impact better than a two-strap system
Enhance durability – 35° bevel on the adapter and base edge provides a thicker edge section to reduce cracks and breakage
Boost uptime – Complete weld-around design provides 20% more weld strength than a two-strap system.
Speed up change-out times – Cover protects the adapter and welds.
Increase production – Adapter cover matches half arrow thickness, providing a flat, clean floor.

Recommended where a good penetration is required, easy to clean, flat bucket bottom leaves a smooth finish.

CATERPILLAR ADAPTERS For Loaders (normally)
Flush mount Adapter
Available for all Caterpillar Loaders, these adapters are welded to the top of the base edge. This leaves a flut bucket bottom to provide a smooth surface for easy clean-up or where material being worked seriously affects tire life.

Bottom Strap Adapter
These adapters, available for all Caterpillar-built Loaders, are welded to the base edge bottom. They offer the most aggressive angle of penetration of all Caterpillar adapters and are used for tough loading applications where a smooth working surface is not required. They provide the best base edge protection.

Double Strap Adapter (Bolt-on)
Available on backhoe Loaders and Cat 910 through 988 Loaders in a two-bolt design. These adapters provide good edge protection in general loading applications where a smooth working surface is not necessary.

Double Strap Adapter (Weld-on) Center Flush Mount Adapter 1U1304 9J4304 Flush Mount Bucket Adapter
Available on larger Cat Loaders. Welded to the base edge on both sides for strength and impact resistance. Replacement J550 Bucket Adapter Center  Caterpillar Weld-On Adapter 8E0464, J460 Flush Mount Side-pin Adapter Right Hand 8E0465

Double Strap Shouldered Adapter ( Weld-on )
Available on larger Cat Loaders. For use when more wear material is desired.

Corner Adapters
For use with the Corner Guard System base edge on 910-988 size machines. The corner adapter fits over the corner and edge end bolts through a drilled hole in the bucket corner. It bears against a machined pad on the corner’s front surface to resist the high impact loads imposed on the corner. 7J9554 J550 Loader Adapter Flush Mount CAT Style

J200 4T1204 2.1 235 40 13-25 416- 428 – 432 – 436 – 438 -442- IT12- 910 8E6208 8E6209
J250 1U1254 5.5 340 60 20-32 916 – 926 – 920 – 930 – 936 – IT18 – IT28 8E6258 8E6259
J300 1U1304 8 356 71 25-40 938- 950 -962 – 966 9J2308 8E6259
J350 1U1354 13.2 422 96 32-45 966 – 970 -973 – 977 – 980 8E6358 8E6359
J400 107-3404 450 92 38-50 966-970-972-977-980
J450 8E0464 20 483 104 45-50 972 – 980 – 983 -988 8E0468 8E0469
J450 8E0465 23.5 483 104 45-50 972 – 980 – 983 -988 8E0468 8E0469
J450 8E0466 23.5 483 104 45-50 972 – 980 – 983 -988 8E0468 8E0469
J550 7J9554 34 483 50-65 988 – 992 6Y8558 8E5559
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