333/D8455 JCB Wheel Loader Bucket Side Cutter Tips

  • 333D8455 JCB Wheel Loader Bucket Side Cutter Tips

333/D8455 JCB Wheel Loader Bucket Side Cutter Tips, Excavator Fish Scale Bucket Side Tooth, JCB Backhoe Center Side Cutter, Replacement Side Cutters Parts Bolt-on bucket tooth point tips China Supplier

333/D8455 JCB Wheel Loader Bucket Side Cutter Tips
Color Yellow and black
Weight  kgs
Part No. 333D8455 / 333/D8455 / 333-D8455
MOQ 1000kgs
Experience More than 12 years
OEM Accept
Hardness 48-52HRC
Technique Forging & Casting
Deliver Depends on your order
Payment terms L/C,T/T,western union ect
Material Alloy Steel,Carbon Alloy Steel,Special Alloy Steel
Port Ningbo/Shanghai

We is a professional CAT Komatsu JCB bucket teeth manufacturer in China, providing complete models of john deere bucket adapter, automobile castings, S/L sheet pile, etc. Our bucket teeth can be used as wheel loader bucket teeth, excavator bucket teeth, tractor bucket teeth, loader bucket teeth, skid steer bucket teeth and the like.

All our Bucket and Rippers are cut from high wear, high yield-strength steel. Ripping ground before digging helps decrease wear and stress on both bucket and machine. You will able to easily do this on hard or rocky grounds with our high standard TERRA Teeth & Rippers and Skid Steers. Replacement Cat Backhoe Loader Unitooth

Brand Model Number
KOMASTU PC60;PC100;PC200;PC300;PC400;PC500;PC650
HITACHI EX70;EX120;EX200;EX300;EX330
KOBELCO SK60;SK100;SK100;SK200;SK300;SK350;SK400
DOOSAN DH55;DH150;DH220;DH300;DH360;DH420;DH700
VOLVO EC210;EC250;EC360;EC700
HYUNDAI R55;R60;R130;R150;R200;R220;R450
EX 18;25;35

Main Features
– Fully automated production, machine-controlled at each step. High production efficiency with stable quality
More environmentally friendly, No Extra paintball
More Safe, No Fire hazard
Improve work efficiency
Not affected by rainy Seasons
New techology More easy for worker

They are producing by high quality standards. Caterpillar, Kawasaki , Hitachi, JCB, HMK, Komatsu, Daweo, Hyundai, Volvo and other brand name bucket tooth and adapter can be supplied. Hardness degree is around 45/52 HRC. Tensile Strength is above 12 J. They have specific chemical and physical structure that helps can be used at different ground types. Caterpillar Backhoe Unitooth 8J6207 R/H Right Hand Side Cutter JCB Part 61E70102 Factory Right Hand JCB Parts Side Cutter 333/D8457 Excavator Fish Scale Bucket Side Tooth JCB 333/D8456

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