1U4941 Dozer Center Cutting Edges

  • 1U4941 Dozer Center Cutting Edges

1U4941 Dozer Center Cutting Edges, Heavy Duty Center Cutting Edge, 7 Hole Caterpillar Bolt-on Bulldozer Cutting Edge, 1U4941 Replacement Bolt-on Double Beveled EDGE, Cat Bulldozer Tractor Replacement Center Cutting Edge Supplier

1U4941 Dozer Center Cutting Edges and end bits
Dozer and tractor blades to suit a variety of machines
Quality dozer blade manufactureQuality dozer blade manufacture
We have the complete range to suit Caterpillar, Komatsu and all other makes and models.
Hot Cupped End Bits provide maximum penetration.
We stock a complete range of thicknesses in standard and heavy duty.
Our bits and edges are heat treated through hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel.

Heavy machinery equipment parts
Dozers move ground at mines, construction sites, residential developments and hundreds of other places. A dozer’s main work tools are a blade and a ripper. The universal blade is curved, wide and tall so that it can carry material. Other blades are flat or shorter, but they all do a similar job: leveling the ground.

Dozers work in dozens of different industries, applications, climates and environments and can be customized for specific jobs —just like the G.E.T. that protect their blades or cutting edges & end bits. From parts availability to expert support and service, HCEPARTS customers can contact us online or call us.1U4929 Caterpillar Bulldozer Cutting Edges

Both the blade and cutting edges have to balance ground penetration with wear life. Excessive worktool or G.E.T. wear material can make the machine less effective. dozer cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime—which translates into a lower cost per hour for you.We manufactured these edges with thru-hardened 14B30 boron steel, which is significantly harder than the standard carbon edge. We believe in their durability so much we warrant them against breakages. If a DuraMax cutting edge should break during use before it wears out, a new edge will be furnished free of charge.

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Product Range

Cutting edge HB 280~400
P/N Main Dimension (mm) Holes Dia.
4T3004 203*19*1441 9 3/4″
4T3007 203*19*1828 13 5/8″
7T3493 203*25*1828 13 3/4″
4T6508 254*25*2133 15 3/4″
109-3177 330*30*1219 9 1″
7T9125 330*35*803 5 5/8″
1U1537 360*30*1359 9 3/4″
9W6656 406*45*992 6 1-1/4″
9v6575 330*40*3032 30 1-1/4″
8v1825 245*25*2640 16 1″
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