1U4926, 1U-4926 Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer End Bit

  • 1U4926, 1U-4926 Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer End Bit

1U4926, 1U-4926 Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer End Bit, Extended Wear Life General Duty END BIT 50mm, Caterpillar D1o leave cut / hot cup corner end edges, CAT Bolt On Bucket Wear End Cutting Edge, Left Right Hand Dozer End Bits, G.E.T Spare Parts, Replacement Caterpillar Bolt-On Bucket Blade End Bits China Supplier

1U4926, 1U-4926 Caterpillar D10 Bulldozer End Bit Feature:
Part No.: 1U4926, 1U-4926
Manufacturer: Caterpillar, CAT
Machine Type: Bulldozer, Dozer
Made in China

A 770mm Material HB500
B 400mm Diameter 1″ 1/4
C 51mm Tooth
D Holes 9
E Class
Weight 106,5Kg

Compatible equipment models: 1U4925:

Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat Level Cut end bits protect the blade of your machines from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

Cat Level Cut end bits are designed to be on plane and are angled on the ends for close curb work, minimizing windrows and reducing time in finish dozing applications. Reversible and extended reversible styles are also available for double the wear life where curbing is not required.

Manufactured from DH-2 steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable end bits make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Matched to the cutting edge depth

• Finish and semi-finish dozing in sand, loose soils, and aggregates

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Edges  1U1546HD Caterpillar D9 End Bit 50mm LH

Combine through-hardened steel with the wear resistance of tungsten carbide which help extend cutting edge life in harsh ground conditions

Provide up to 20 times the life of a standard through-hardened edge when used in high-abrasion, low-impact applications

Less downtime and lower hardware costs due to fewer edge changes

Continuous row of patented carbide tile-shape for optimal ground penetration and blade protection

Other options and benefits:  Caterpillar D6 D5 D4 140-6788 Left Dozer End Bit

Flat edges

Maximum strength and available wear material

Longest wearing edge available in high abrasion and low impact

Curved edges

Improved penetration and rolling action  Caterpillar 1U1545 1U-1545 Right Dozer End Bit

Leading edge with trapezoid-shaped tungsten carbide tile which stays sharp as it wears

Shorter edge sections that speed rotation and reduce “throw-away” due to edge crowning

Serrated edges

Better penetration than a continuous edge

No cast angle restrictions   1U1545HD 50mm Dozer D9 End Bit RH

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