1U1902 Side Cutting Edge for CAT Scraper

  • 1U1902 Side Cutting Edge for CAT Scraper

1U1902 Side Cutting Edge for CAT Scraper, CATERPILLAR WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER 623B Blade Edge Adapter, Bucket Center Cutting Edges fits Caterpillar, CAT style Scraper Blade, Spare Parts Blade Cutting Edges, Heat Treated Blade/Cutting Edges/End Bits China Factory

1U1902 Side Cutting Edge for CAT Scraper Parameter:
Part No. 1U1902 , 1U-1902
Weight 36kg
Compatible equipment models: 1U1902:
WHEEL SCRAPER 623B Caterpillar


A 317mm Material HB500
B 29mm Diameter 1″
C 455mm Tooth
D Holes 6
E Class
Weight 29Kg

Excavator buckets are divided into backhoe buckets and forward buckets according to the working mode. Generally, backhoe buckets are commonly used.

According to different mechanical action principles, it is divided into forward shovel, back shovel, grab bucket and drag shovel.

According to the difference of its structure and material performance: it is divided into standard bucket, reinforced bucket and mine bucket

According to the different functions of the working conditions: it is divided into earthmoving bucket, rock bucket, soil loosening bucket, ditch bucket, grid bucket, grab bucket, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, etc.

According to the different mechanical actions, it is divided into forward shovel, backhoe, grab bucket and dragline.

The front shovel of the excavator is hinged on the end of the stick. It is driven by the oil cylinder. During the operation, the digging force is from bottom to top. The digging track is usually an arc. It is suitable for excavating sand, gravel, coal mines, etc. above the stop surface. 8K7526 CAT Equipment Corner for Loader

Excavator backhoe: hinged to the stick linkage and driven by the oil cylinder, the digging force is from top to bottom during the operation, and the trajectory of the excavation is circular, suitable for excavation of soil layers, gravel, coal mines and other construction operations below the stop surface .  1U1901 Cutting Edge for Scraper

The excavator grabs a shell-like shape, and uses a liquid oil cylinder to drive the grab-like shell to open and close the material to grab the material or rope. The poplar is cut into the material mechanically according to its own weight. It is generally used for excavation of foundation pits, deep pits, and coal and sand. Loading of loose materials such as concrete, concrete, gravel, etc. is especially suitable for digging or loading on one side of a trench or restricted space. 8K7525 CORNER Caterpillar Parts 955K, 955L, 966C, 966D

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