195-7181 CAT Wear Plate

  • 195-7181 CAT Wear Plate

195-7181 CAT Wear Plate, Bolt-on Top Mounted Right Hand Wear Plate for loader, 1957181 PLATE-WEAR Caterpillar parts 988K, 988 XE 988H, 988G, 988F PLATE, Top Mounted Rock Wear Plates

195-7181 CAT Wear Plate Feature:
Weight 28.66 lb / 13 kg
Caterpillar style 3 bolt right hand wear plate for a loader; takes 3 – 125 x 500 plow bolts and 3 – 125 hex nuts Compatible Models
wheel-type loader
988K, 988 XE 988H, 988G, 988F II 988F, 988K XE

Bolt-on Top Mounted Rock Wear Plate right hand
Top mounted rock wear plates protect the bevel and top part of the base edge between the adapters, which reduces adapter weld erosion and provides longer adapter life. Featuring quick and easy wear plate removal and installation, Right-hand Spade Nose plates deliver increased uptime and reduced risk of adapter/base edge cracking. These tight, bolt-on plates prevent excess movement, eliminating part-to-part wear that can cause costly damage. CAT Wheel-type Loader Center Wear Plate 1957180

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Product Range


Height (in): 1.60
Height (mm): 40.64
Length (in): 15.50
Length (mm): 393.70
Width (mm): 190.50

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