18-800 18 Series Style Double Strap Adapter

  • 18-800 Esco 18 Series Style Double Strap Adapter

18-800 Esco 18 Series Style Double Strap Adapter, Esco style Bolt On Bucket Teeth & Adapter for for mini excavator, Replacement Weld-On Double Strap Adapter System, Bucket teeth, adapters, pins and retainers for the Esco conical fitment style

18-800 Esco 18 Series Style Double Strap Adapter specification:
Part number 18-800
Material Alloy steel
Type Conical Series System Esco Style
Replacement Esco 18 Series Parts
Process Lost wax casting
Hardness 47-52 HRC
Impact >= 18J
Color Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Gray

Standard twin-strap conical bucket tooth adapter for 3-6 tonne excavators.

Weight Bevel Angle Top Strap Gap Bottom Strap
1.6kg 90 75 22 110

18-800 Weld-On Double Strap Adapter

18 Series Esco are the most common teeth for mini excavators from 3 to 6 tonne. They are fitted with a rubber lock inside the adapter and a serrated pin which is punched in vertically from top to bottom. These will most likely be the teeth fitted If you have an older mini excavator from 3 to 6 tonne with a rectangular pin.

Blade or Twin Tiger?

Blade teeth are great for general purpose work and long life, the large wear area will last longer than twin tip tiger teeth. Twin tip tiger teeth will penetrate the ground much easier than blade teeth due to sharper points on the teeth, however they will wear faster than blade teeth due to the smaller wear area than blade teeth. The general rule of thumb is to use blades for normal work and tigers when the ground is too hard and the machine is struggling to dig.

Our Teeth and Adapter are manufactured to the highest quality standards available. All our teeth and adapter are manufactured using the Lost Wax Investment Casting process rather than the old fashioned sand casting process. This ensures higher tolerances on the teeth and adapters during casting. All teeth and adapters are made from high quality alloy steel to achieve an impact strength of greater than or equal to 20J. They are also hardened from 47-52 HRC for extremely long wear life.

Penetration: Improved penetration reduces load on the engine, transmission, tires and hydraulic system.
Ingenious: Beautiful durable rock chisel k bucket teeth, special design, more durable than normal bucket teeth.
Wearlife: Extra material designed, maximize wearlife and impact resistance.
Sharpness: Self-sharping design, better penetration, less stress on the machine, less oil consumption.
Hardness (HRC): 51-54, high quality, longer wearing life, Up to 250 hours, stronger, create productivity.
Save up 25% cost

WE offer replacement bucket tooth adapter for the Hensley®, EX® and Caterpillar® styles.
The bolt-on teeth adapter have a wider diameter then the bucket walls. When properly mounted, the Side Cutters offers enhanced side wall shrouded strength where the bucket makes contact with materials loaded. Used in tandem with cutting edges or tooth and adapter assemblies. we also offers replacement Teeth and Adapter assemblies.

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